Environmental, Regulatory, & Public Outreach Services

At Gannett Fleming, we leverage science, technology, and ingenuity to create resilient and sustainable solutions for a better planet.

From protecting and preserving natural ecosystems, solving challenges in the natural and built environments, or assisting clients with compliance, investigation, and remediation related to human environmental health and safety, we help clients successfully achieve project goals and maintain business operations.

Environmental Impact Assessment Services

Our interdisciplinary team has a long and rich history of helping clients advance their projects following the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Canadian Impact Assessment Act, and their state and provincial equivalents. We are armed with:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the regulatory framework governing project development.
  • A solid understanding of agency requirements and processes.
  • Creativity.
  • Exceptional communication skills.

Experienced in providing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) services to federal, state, and provincial agencies across North America, we understand that an EIA is a fundamental planning and decision-making process and tool. Public outreach and engagement are done with purpose and skill—streamlining the relevant issues to be analyzed—leading to timely approvals. Our documentation, the most lasting and visible evidence of our work, is clear, concise, and “tells the story” to help inform stakeholders.

Public Outreach and Engagement

Making connections with the people, communities, and other stakeholders impacted by projects starts with the understanding that all perspectives are vital to a project’s success. We leverage constructive engagement techniques to help groups and individuals understand each other’s viewpoints. Using decision-support tools, we bring structure to the analysis required when considering the impacts—both positive and negative—of public decisions.

Our outreach and engagement services adhere to essential consultation principles, including:

  • Openness and inclusivity.
  • Accountability.
  • Flexibility.
  • Clarity.
  • Coordination.
  • Timelines.
  • Public accessibility.
  • Digital tools, including social media and virtual meeting platforms, serve as an effective means to engage with valued stakeholders. Our virtual public outreach platform provides a cost-effective way to reach many people that may not otherwise have their voices heard.

Compliance & Documentation Services Include:

  • Planning & overall process management.
  • Workshops to develop needs & alternatives.
  • Environmental impact statements.
  • Administrative records.

Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystem restoration is much more than simply restoring the land and water on which animals and plants depend. Done well, it aids habitats and species by restoring lost natural functions and productivity and adding biodiversity and value to humankind.

Our diverse teams focus on repairing the damage to natural ecosystems and seek to return them to an earlier state or to one that closely resembles an unaltered condition. Experienced in many forms of ecosystem restoration, including streams, our core offerings include:

  • Ecological surveys, inventories, and assessments.
  • Stormwater pond retrofits and facilities.
  • Wetlands enhancement and creation.
  • Coastal engineering and “living” shoreline protection.
  • Habitat enhancement and creation.
  • Invasive species control.

Emergency Repair of Herring Run Stream Transforms Parkway.

Acoustics, Noise, and Vibration

The effects of noise pollution can be significant. Concerns about disturbances from noise pollution can create delays for your project. Working with top-quality noise and vibration analysis can help address and manage noise sources and issues during the design and construction phases. Our professionals solve noise and vibration problems for all types of projects, including:

By measuring and analyzing acoustical or vibration characteristics using sophisticated instrumentation, our team can meticulously determine noise and vibration impact by comparing existing levels and predicting future levels with established criteria. Gannett Fleming provides full-service acoustical engineering and design services, including detailed noise abatement design.

Unique to Gannett Fleming, our Sounds of Transit and Sounds of Highway provide the public with simulations of the sound levels of the proposed project. This lets them hear what they can expect from the project after construction, vastly improving stakeholder education and engagement.

Environmental Safety & Health

Complex rules and regulations exist to protect human health and safety as well as that of the environment. At Gannett Fleming, our environmental engineers, scientists, and planners help you achieve environmental compliance while avoiding adverse impacts and carrying out business objectives. By keeping pace with evolving environmental regulations and practices, we help both public- and private-sector clients:

  • Assess and manage risk.
  • Identify and investigate impacted areas.
  • Develop management strategies to protect resources.
  • Establish restoration goals.
  • Discover opportunities for improvement.

Our expertise with federal, state, and provincial jurisdictions’ regulatory compliance requirements and permitting includes:

  • Air pollution.
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous materials and waste.
  • Stormwater.
  • Spill prevention.
  • Industrial wastewater.

We are leaders in environmental due diligence activities, such as phase I and II assessments, real estate transactions, and litigation support. As such, we have managed and remediated a variety of impacted sites by utilizing multiple techniques customized for the site and our client’s sustainability goals. In coordination with other experts at Gannett Fleming, we work together with our clients on engineering design projects, construction management, and inspection services. This ensures your business operations meet mandatory environmental regulations.

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