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Construction Management/Program Management Overview

Throughout the course of any project, there are many unforeseen circumstances that can create havoc on the job. Regardless of the challenge, we serve as your advocate throughout the project so that you can focus on the goals and mission of your organization. Our talented teams of program and construction managers serve as your partner on every aspect of the project to turn your vision into a reality.

Our Experience

We understand that a construction project can be one of the biggest endeavors your organization will embark on. Throughout the project lifecycle, hundreds of activities must be addressed and integrated in a timely and strategic manner to achieve success. Our first priority is to protect you from the risks involved.

Gannett Fleming has shaped the infrastructure of towns and cities around the globe by providing superior program and construction management services to clients spanning all markets. Recognized as an industry leader, we are committed to highly effective communication throughout every project. Each contract is managed by an experienced project manager and we utilize single-point management to keep clients well-informed of project activities and progress.

Our staff is backed by the global resources of a full-service engineering and architectural firm, providing in-house expertise in every aspect of the built environment and easy access to find answers quickly.

Known for delivering exceptional results, we anticipate and meet the unique needs of our clients during each phase of planning, design, construction, and start-up. These elements combined produce high-quality programs and projects that are delivered in a way that is safe, technically sound, within budget, and on time.

Our team is equipped with a breadth of certifications and registrations, and continuing education is highly encouraged for all staff. Exceptionally trained and technically competent, our professionals represent your interests on the job site and in the back office.