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Environmental Management & Remediation Overview

Everyone wants clean air, clean water, and responsible, sustainable land use. As communities look to protect and restore fragile ecosystems and resources for future generations, government agencies quickly develop policies and regulations in response. Our culture of environmental innovation helps you adapt, thrive, and comply with current needs, while forecasting future regulatory and environmental changes. 

Our Expertise

Decades of Environmental Know-How
Backed by 40 years of advanced technical consultation, funding, and implementation of strategies, field services, engineering, and permitting expertise, we can help you meet your environmental challenges without sacrificing your business goals.

From Compliance to Stewardship
We have helped clients keep pace with evolving environmental regulations and practices, from meeting the early environmental laws and regulations of the 1970s and ‘80s to embracing a model for environmental stewardship. Today, we help clients develop management strategies to protect resources, establish restoration goals, identify and investigate impacted areas, and discover opportunities for improvement. Regulation expertise: NEPA, Clean Water Act, RCRA, Clean Air Act Amendments, CERCLA.

Contaminated Site Management
We also have extensive experience in the development of funding and implementation strategies. We provide sustainable and practical solutions to complex project challenges through innovative, cost-effective, and proven technologies and services.

“Gannett Fleming was great to work with and fully met our expectations."

Facility Manager Dart Container Corporation

Environmental Management & Remediation Services