Replacement of Terminal 3 Escalators at PHX

Modernized escalators transfer airport passengers quickly and safely

Thousands of passengers rushing to catch their flights pass through Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’s Terminal 3 each day. The terminal’s four escalators operate 24/7 to help commuters move quickly through the terminal. Gannett Fleming’s vertical transportation division, Vertical Transportation Excellence (VTX®), developed a design-build modernization program to maintain the aging escalators’ safety and reliability.

What We Did

Using detailed inspections and field surveys, Gannett Fleming developed a steering document to determine whether overhaul, modernization, or replacement would be the best option for the escalators. A passenger-load study evaluating traffic conditions on the escalators augmented the needs analysis. Gannett Fleming developed qualification criteria and technical requirements to identify design-build firms to execute the modernization project, based on team/supplier qualifications and equipment design features.

The firm worked closely with the design-build team to monitor compliance with critical schedule requirements and to optimize equipment performance. Detailed equipment inspections performed at the factory prior to shipment, throughout installation, and at turnover ensured equipment quality. Lastly, the firm reviewed structural loading throughout demolition and installation and provided oversight compliance with critical schedule requirements to minimize interruptions to travelers.

Key Features

  • Custom $2 million artwork within escalator wellway was protected throughout construction.
  • Work scheduled around peak travel times to avoid delays.
More Project Details

Modernization program maintains peak performance of escalators.