PSE&G Substation Circuit Breaker Replacement

Substation Circuit Breaker Replacement Keeps Homes, Businesses Electrified

Throughout the U.S., power transmission and distribution infrastructure is aged and congested. High- and low-voltage power lines that deliver electricity from power plants to homes and businesses are struggling to meet increasing demand. To provide reliable, safe power that meets consumer demand, the Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G), hired Gannett Fleming to replace aged and obsolete electrical equipment. With three offices in New Jersey, Gannett Fleming’s close proximity to the substations enabled staff to quickly mobilize for this statewide project.

This equipment upgrade was part of PSE&G’s transmission life cycle program to replace aging equipment and provide safe, reliable power for homes and businesses.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming was lead consultant for the $5 million equipment upgrade and replacement project to design and replace 46 new 26 kilovolt circuit breakers at eight substations and modify control systems. The new breakers keep the power system functioning smoothly and improve safety by preventing an overloaded or short circuit and preserving the life of the devices that are using the electricity. For this effort, Gannett Fleming installed gas insulated breakers instead of traditional oil filled to reduce the environmental impacts of a breaker leak.

The project also included new platforms, handrails, steps, cable tray modifications trenching, conduit installation, grounding, and high-voltage bus modifications and terminations.

Key Features

  • Evaluation of existing concrete foundations and structural steel supports.
  • Design of new platforms, handrails, and steps at some locations.
  • Construction management, including full-time, on-site inspection and oversight of the contractor.
  • Coordination of service outages.
  • Procurement of equipment.
  • Testing and commissioning of each new breaker.
  • Adherence to PSE&G design standards.
  • Updating of PSE&G drawing database.

Sustainability Features & Outcomes

  • Upgraded circuit breakers from oil to gas insulated to reduce the environmental impacts of a breaker leak.
  • Smaller equipment footprint and electrical space requirements optimize usable space.
More Project Details

46 new 26 kilovolt circuit breakers at eight substations.

Modified control systems and structural updates.

Improved safety and reliability and decreased chance of equipment failure.