Northwest Florida SunGuide Center GIS Dashboards and Maps

Better visualization improves decision making for transportation management and operations

Gannett Fleming Management Services supports the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 3 Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC) as the operations contractor. The state-of-the art Northwest Florida SunGuide Center, powered by a fiber optic network stretching 235 miles along I-10, handles operations and management for District 3 roadways. While conducting this work, the Gannett Fleming team realized there was a better way for our client to see and manage the data to make better decisions and keep the roads safer and traffic flowing.

GeoDecisions, the geospatial division of Gannett Fleming, was tasked with providing better visualization of information with dashboards and story maps leveraging RTMC Esri ArcGIS Online licensing for maps and feature services. The Waze Alert Dashboard allows operators to receive, sort, and prioritize large amounts of data sourced from crowd-based platforms such as Waze, NOAA, and FL511.

What We Did

The RTMC currently receives about 120 reports an hour from the Waze Alert Dashboard. Displays can be customized for use on desktops, mobile devices, or videowalls. The Contact Story Map is a one-stop contact list for the district. The story map contains contact and deployment area information for hundreds of internal and external partners. Operators need only point and click to obtain accurate contact information.

A Tree Trimming Request Story Map shows the locations of trees needing a trim that are obstructing camera views of the roadway, permitting the district to identify and prioritize the most problematic areas. The application also allows snapshots of each location, giving the user the ability to assess the severity. Using geospatial reporting with maps allows the district to easily view large amounts of incident data to understand the map or dashboard. Hotspot Maps enable quick identification of high-frequency locations. The Incident Report dashboard provides year-over-year, direction, and response comparisons, helping the RTMC track transportation system management and operations (TSM&O) goals and progress.

Key Features

  • Waze Alert Dashboard allows operators to receive, sort, and prioritize large amounts of traffic data, increasing the identification of events such as a car on shoulder, accident, or traffic slowdown by one-third.
  • Contact Story Map stores all contacts in one location to reduce confusion and help streamline workflows.
  • Tree Trimming Request Story Map facilitates the identification and remediation of the most problematic areas along district roadways.
  • Hotspot Maps enable the quick identification of high-frequency locations, while the Incident Report dashboard provides year-over-year, direction, and response comparisons.

Enhanced visualization and management of traffic data.

Ability to quickly assess roadway problem severity.

Identification of high-frequency incident locations.