California Department of Water Resources Security Officer Service Support

Comprehensive Approach Ensures Strong Protection of Water System Infrastructure

The nation’s largest state-built, user-financed water project, the California State Water Project (SWP) supplies water to more than 27 million people. It features a water storage and distribution system that extends 700 miles, nearly two-thirds of the state’s length, and is operated by the Department of Water Resources (DWR). Physical security at the system’s reservoirs, pumping stations, power plants, and other facilities is provided by a team of security officers.

DWR partnered with our Gannett Fleming team of experts to create a comprehensive security program, strengthening system protection throughout the state. A key component of this comprehensive security approach is the development of a security officer coverage program across all of DWR’s critical infrastructure through an outsourced contract vehicle. The effort involved multiple contracts with four different security officer firms to cover the entire state. Over the past two years, we provided guidance, direction, and assistance in the implementation of all facets of security officer contracting, staffing, operational employment, and performance evaluation.

What We Did

By developing a clear, unambiguous statement of work (SOW) that includes contract performance expectations, our team of security and safety experts helped DWR establish a secure framework for strong, reliable asset protection.

Creating robust quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) processes and tools for periodic performance evaluation allows for an actionable evaluation of program success. Further, we developed up-to-date policies, procedures, and standard
operating procedures—known as post orders—that spell out specific officer duties, eliminating uncertainty about security responsibilities and protecting DWR assets. Carefully delineating post orders prior to contract initiation gives the security provider all the information needed to deliver success.

Key Features

  • SOW with contract performance expectations establishes strong security framework.
  • QA/QC process enables actionable evaluation of security officer program.
  • Post orders specify officer responsibilities to protect client assets.
More Project Details

Security & Public Safety



Enhanced physical security of SWP assets.

Solid foundation for an effective security officer program.

Evaluation process enables actionable outcome monitoring.