Two white cylindrical tanks connected by hoses sit outside on a cement slab.

Newberry Township Water System PFAS Removal

Quick action by the water utility addresses trace contamination at the source

Our Client’s Challenge

A primary provider of safe, reliable water in eight counties, SUEZ Water Pennsylvania (SUEZ Water PA, now Veolia), suspected that supply sources in its Newberry Township water system might contain traces of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These manufactured chemicals are highly resistant to breakdown in the environment and, through repeated exposure, can accumulate in the body over time, with unknown health consequences.

To maintain the quality of service its customers have come to expect, SUEZ Water PA sought to proactively remove the contaminants by focusing on the water system’s Conley and Dupont entry points. Four wells at Conley and Dupont are significant water sources for the township’s system.

Our Solution

Within weeks of the suspected impact on the water supply, Gannett Fleming helped SUEZ PA obtain an emergency permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to install granular activated carbon (GAC) contactors at the Conley and Dupont entry points. GAC systems remove PFAS through adsorption.

In addition to permitting support, our firm delivered a design that would accommodate the client’s selected treatment units. After implementing temporary emergency treatment, we assisted with designing system improvements to make the system permanent, including modifying the previously installed temporary GAC systems at the sites.

The new systems treat raw and aerated raw water before disinfection and distribution into the system. Improvements to achieve a permanent system included constructing a building to house the GAC system and installing a permanent hard-pipe manifold to replace the hoses for efficient lead and lag tank reconfiguration. This configuration provides additional protection against leakage or exhaustion of the primary treatment vessel.

Key Features

  • GAC contactors provide efficient removal of PFAS contaminants through adsorption.
  • System configuration provides backup for primary treatment vessel, maintaining operational effectiveness.
  • New structure efficiently houses treatment equipment and infrastructure.

Awards & Recognition

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  • Proactive protection is provided against PFAS contamination at the source.
  • Emergency permitting facilitated quick installation of treatment systems.
  • Effective system design is in place for conversion to permanent installation.


SUEZ Water Pennsylvania (now Veolia)


Newberry Township, Pa.


Design, Permitting

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