From cities to suburbs and communities beyond, we thrive on designing and building resilient, sustainable infrastructure to ensure clean, reliable drinking water for the Garden State. From PFAS to chlorine gas conversion to pipeline design, our engineers, environmental scientists, geospatial professionals, and safety & security experts lead the way in solutions that help ready your community for tomorrow’s challenges, today.

Gannett Fleming is proud to support the New Jersey American Water Works Association’s Annual Conference with two presentations covering some of today’s most pressing challenges facing our industry—resiliency and cybersecurity. Our talented thought leaders are eager to share their perspectives and experiences with you, our valued clients and colleagues, as together we work toward safer, more secure, and more resilient water infrastructure.

We look forward to seeing you in Atlantic City!

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Sustaining Resiliency: Providing a Critical 160 MGD WTP with Standby Power

Wednesday, March 16 • 3 p.m.
Brian Seip
Brian Seip, PE
Vice President
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New Jersey American Water Company owns and operates the Raritan-Millstone Water Treatment Plant, which serves more than a million customers across seven counties in Central New Jersey, with critical interconnections to the City of Newark and City of Trenton and constitutes a vital asset within the North Jersey water supply drought mitigation plan. Designated a Tier 1, high-risk facility by the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, any prolonged interruption of the plant’s ability to deliver water may adversely impact public health and safety. The purpose of this project was to furnish backup electrical power from on-site standby generators to operate the treatment plant at full capacity. The project included a new switchgear building, furnishing of three 2.5 mega-watt diesel generators, and load rebalancing of all power sources. It also included installation of all necessary upstream 4.16 kV paralleling switchgear with automatic normal-standby power transfer capabilities to the existing treatment plant standby distribution systems. The switchgear also allows for the automatic control, synchronizing, and source delivery of standby power to the existing treatment plant electrical distribution equipment.

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity and the Human Asset

Thursday, March 17 • 8:45 a.m.
Dan Capano
Dan Capano
Senior Project Manager

Cybercrime is a growth industry. Daily, we learn of another ransomware attack and increasingly hear about cyberattacks on critical infrastructure. To put it bluntly, cyberwarfare is here. This presentation will discuss, in two parts, the threat posed to critical infrastructure like water treatment facilities. Part one will describe the threat landscape and several notable cyberattacks, as well as prevention and mitigation methods to help operators and managers make informed decisions. The presentation will show, in non-technical terms, how networks can be hardened and how proper policy and enforcement can greatly improve a facility’s cyber defenses. Part two will discuss how the human asset is often compromised, describing the means and methods by which the human asset is manipulated. The role of social engineering through social media will be described, along with the several methods of attack and a discussion of the human cyber kill chain. Access control and cyber hygiene will be described to create a culture of ownership and awareness of the threat.


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