Johnson Named Chair of Global Environmental Management Initiative

April 28, 2021
Mark Johnson

Gannett Fleming’s Senior Vice President and Director of Private Sector Services, Mark Johnson, has been named chair of the Global Environmental Management Initiative’s (GEMI) board of directors for 2021. GEMI provides a forum for organizations across business sectors to work together to address strategic and tactical issues impacting corporate environmental, health, and safety activities. Its members include global leaders in sustainability excellence such as ExxonMobil, Smithfield, FedEx, Waste Management, Dell, and Conoco Phillips.

In 2015, Gannett Fleming became the first and only engineering firm to join GEMI. A collaborative partner with GEMI for more than two decades, Johnson was first elected to its board in 2016, serving as both Communications chair and vice-chair, after leading the development of multiple tools and resources to aid organizations in meeting sustainability challenges. Johnson led Gannett Fleming’s team that designed GEMI’s first web-based tool “Collecting the Drops – A Water Sustainability Planner”, working with GEMI’s Water Sustainability Work Group. Johnson’s team also developed an ISO 14001:2015 Self-Assessment Checklist, providing members with a mechanism to ensure that the international standard requirements are easily understood.

“The members of GEMI are leaders in environmental stewardship,” said Johnson. “They partner to develop actionable solutions for environmental challenges and share sustainability insights to promote global environmental, health, and safety initiatives. Like GEMI, Gannett Fleming is committed to staying on the leading edge of sustainability issues and developing world-class solutions. Connecting with other industry leaders who share the same passion enables us to expand our knowledge and connections and thereby our ability to deliver the sustainable solutions for our clients.”

As GEMI’s 2021 chair, Johnson will continue to partner with corporate sustainability leaders to develop actionable solutions to current and emerging business challenges. “I am honored to serve as GEMI’s chair in 2021,” said Johnson. “GEMI provides a unique forum for corporate sustainability leaders to work together to advance the future of sustainable business and help others to prepare and lead sustainability programs through an increasingly complex and disruptive future.”