ENR National Rankings Reveal Gannett Fleming’s Growth

October 28, 2020

Gannett Fleming, an innovative global infrastructure and engineering firm, reached new heights on this year’s coveted Engineering News-Record (ENR) annual rankings list.

Gannett Fleming landed in the top 15 firms nationwide in eight categories: Pharmaceuticals; Food and Beverage; Dams and Reservoirs; Mass Transit and Rail; Wastewater Treatment Plants; Water Treatment, Desalination Plants; Highways; and Transportation. The firm jumped two spots to #33 on the Top 500 Design Firms List.

When ENR released its 2020 Top 500 list, the industry-leading magazine spoke to Bob Scaer, PE, Gannett Fleming chairman and CEO, about COVID 19’s impact: “Projects in the technology, water, health, and pharmaceutical markets continue to be strong. I do worry that the supply chain will start to impact construction projects more and more due to the disruption in Asia.”

Employees from Gannett Fleming stayed in the field throughout the pandemic, ensuring safe and reliable infrastructure in the communities we serve. Many of those employees are featured in this thank you message.

Here is a complete list of Gannett Fleming’s 2020 ENR Rankings:

  • #6 Pharmaceuticals.
  • #7 Food and Beverage.
  • #8 Dams and Reservoirs.
  • #10 Mass Transit and Rail.
  • #10 Wastewater Treatment Plants.
  • #11 Water Treatment, Desalination Plants.
  • #13 Highways.
  • #13 Transportation.
  • #16 Transmission and Distribution – Power.
  • #17 Bridges.
  • #17 Industrial Process.
  • #17 Water Supply.
  • #18 Chemical and Soil Remediation.
  • #19 Top 100 Pure Designers.
  • #29 Sewer and Waste.
  • #33 Top 500 Design Firms.
  • #35 Power.
  • #44 Designers in International Markets.
  • #44 Green Buildings Design Firms.
  • #44 Hazardous Waste.
  • #73 Global Design Firms.
  • #115 Environmental Firms.
  • #140 International Design Firms.