Kayla Barrick, LEED Green Associate

Kayla Barrick, LEED Green Associate


Kayla Barrick, LEED Green Associate


“The ongoing support, passion for mentorship, and many learning and leadership opportunities make Gannett Fleming an ideal place for my career growth.”

Meet Kayla Barrick, a dedicated junior architectural designer at Gannett Fleming. With a solid commitment to continuous learning and a collaborative spirit, Kayla embodies the values of teamwork and professional growth. In this spotlight, we explore her journey, her role at Gannett Fleming, and her valuable insights for emerging professionals in architecture.

What brought you to Gannett Fleming, how long have you worked here, and what makes you want to stay?

In May 2021, I embarked on my architectural journey as an intern at Gannett Fleming. My observations during that time revealed a supportive and collaborative culture. The welcoming atmosphere and the opportunity to learn from the integrated team of architects and engineers really excited me.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in architecture from the University of Maryland in January 2023, I joined Gannett Fleming full-time. The ongoing support, passion for mentorship, and many learning and leadership opportunities make Gannett Fleming an ideal place for my career growth. I am proud to be part of a firm that continues to be recognized by groups like the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Pennsylvania Chapter for its commitment to the professional development of emerging professionals and young architects.

I’m looking forward to what the future holds!

Tell us about your role and responsibilities at Gannett Fleming. What solutions do you provide to your clients?

My work is primarily focused on Amtrak projects. Recently, I stepped into the role of architectural lead for some projects associated with Amtrak’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) stations program, a nationwide initiative to make transit accessible to all passengers. Our primary mission is to ensure stations and platforms meet ADA compliance, providing our clients with expert advice to make infrastructure inclusive for all.

Practical experience through project site visits has been invaluable. My work on the Amtrak ADA projects has included site visits to observe our work at various stages of completion. This has been a great learning experience for me.

How does Gannett Fleming support your professional development and career growth?

Gannett Fleming is deeply committed to professional growth. The company offers numerous learning opportunities, encouraging participation in committees to foster collaboration beyond daily projects. For instance, this year, I joined our architectural practice leadership team’s sustainability committee and am helping to advance our company’s sustainable practices and projects. More formally, I am working toward my Master of Architecture with encouragement from my leaders and financial assistance from Gannett Fleming’s tuition reimbursement program.

Continuing education also takes place in everything from attending informal lunch-and-learn sessions to small gatherings with other emerging architects to attending events and conferences to expand my knowledge. Last year, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the national AIA conference in San Francisco. You can read more about my experience in the “Fostering Professional Growth and Development at A’23 the AIA Conference on Architecture” blog.

Why is it important to have diversity around the table when working on projects?

Diversity enriches projects with a wide array of backgrounds and skill sets. Everyone has something to offer and teach others. Experienced professionals provide deep field knowledge, while newcomers bring fresh academic insights. This blend of design and technical perspectives leads to superior project outcomes. Gannett Fleming’s dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion fosters a welcoming environment where everyone can thrive.

What advice would you give to emerging professionals?

Challenge yourself by seeking involvement in diverse projects. Embrace new experiences without hesitation. I am naturally shy, but I’ve learned that putting yourself out there and asking questions is crucial to being a good teammate. The other advice I would offer is to master effective time management. This will set you apart in your career!

What are your favorite hobbies?

I love disc golfing and snowboarding. Traveling to new places also excites me. I always appreciate the opportunity to explore different cultures and environments.

Outside of these hobbies, I enjoy watching movies and reading books to unwind after a hectic day. These activities help me find balance and allow me to relax and recharge.


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