Nancy Haldane

Corporate Health & Safety Manager
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I’m that person who seeks out and places the yellow cone when there’s a spill at the grocery store – I can’t turn off safety!”

A lifelong passion for health and safety. That’s what Toronto native Nancy Haldane brought to Gannett Fleming when she joined the Construction Services team in early 2020. With more than 25 years of experience under her belt, she helps align the firm’s robust safety policies and procedures with Canadian regulations.

We asked Nancy a few questions to get to know her:

Why did you join this field?

I’m that person who seeks out and places the yellow cone when there’s a spill at the grocery store – I can’t turn off safety! About 12 years into my career in the ergonomics and rehabilitation field, I realized I had a drive to prevent incidents before they happen, and I now enjoy working proactively with engineers to design unique solutions to avoid injury. The real payoff is building a solid health and safety management system, observing the shift in company culture, and seeing the improvements in the day-to-day production as a result.

What’s your favorite hobby?

I’m an avid – perhaps even pathological – reader. On average, I finish about 3-4 books per week. I love the classics but also can’t pass up a good murder mystery.

Why Gannett Fleming?

The genuine, welcoming people and the opportunity to work in a proactive environment are what drew me to this firm. By advancing safety measures at the beginning of the design-build process and throughout each phase to completion, I aim to make each project and program the best it can be.

If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would you choose?

Michelle Obama. I haven’t had a lot of female role models in my career, but she impresses me with her grace, intelligence, thoughtfulness, and the respect people have for her based on her actions.

What do you see for the next generation at Gannett Fleming?

My hope is to incorporate a more holistic approach to health, safety, and wellness for the next generation at Gannett Fleming. When people think of our health and safety program, I want them to associate mental health and wellness with that just as much as PPE and safety guidelines on a project site.