Gannett Fleming’s Family Culture Key to Innovation & Growth

Gannett Fleming’s Family Culture Key to Innovation & Growth

Gannett Fleming’s Family Culture Key to Innovation & Growth

October 15, 2021

Have you ever thought about just how much time of your life is spent with your coworkers? Five, 8-hour workdays per week over one year is equal to 2,080 hours, and with the Social Security maximum benefit set at age 70 and the average age of a college graduate at 22 years, most Americans will work an average of 48 years during their lifetimes! This is equal to roughly 99,840 hours spent with your coworkers. At Gannett Fleming, the supportive and inclusive environment of the workplace – whether that workplace is remote, in an office, or a combination of both – is designed so that time spent “at the office” truly feels like your home away from home.

Teamwork is the Dreamwork

At Gannett Fleming, it is no secret that our key to success lies within each employee. An open atmosphere where employees are encouraged to learn from one another, share thoughts and ideas, celebrate accomplishments, and challenge each other is essential not only to our overall company success, but also individual employee success.

With opportunities to work with colleagues across multiple disciplines and backgrounds, employees are exposed to a wide wealth of knowledge and alternative ways of thinking that enhance their technical and professional skills immensely. These unique connections have fostered not only an inclusive environment, but they also generate a stream of innovative ideas that have led Gannett Fleming to be recognized as one of the top-ranking architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms in the nation.

Continuous innovation is the key to unlocking new discoveries and breaking barriers across the AEC industry. We support and encourage our employees to step outside their comfort zones and pursue all innovative ideas, ensuring delivery of valuable solutions to complex problems and improvements to our surrounding communities. Gannett Fleming’s Collaborative Research and Innovation Center (CRIC) established an internal Innovation Challenge, where employees can join forces to compete with cutting-edge research and innovative solutions. However, the innovative potential does not stop here; employees are also encouraged to participate in the President’s Innovation Award, which honors already-implemented innovations. This recognition shows the tremendous support provided for Gannett Fleming employees to go above and beyond every day.

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Another forceful component of the people at Gannett Fleming revolves around our strong diversity and inclusion initiatives. We ensure that a wide range of perspectives are invited to the table, which results in optimal solutions and idea concepts. These efforts generate superior decision-making and a broader industry perspective enforcing strength, innovation, and creativity.

Since 2016, our Inclusion Steering Committee has held broad responsibility for ensuring that our goals and objectives in diversity, equity, and inclusion are aligned with Gannett Fleming’s business strategy and propelling us forward as leaders in this arena. One area where this commitment lies is within our Gannett Fleming employee resource groups (ERGs). These employee-led groups strive to establish environments in which every employee feels comfortable exactly as they are and is supported in all their endeavors. The connections between employees across multiple locations and disciplines is made possible due to these ERGs, where conversation is continuously facilitated and encouraged. We recognize that these diversity and inclusion initiatives would not be possible without the acceptance and support of all our employees, no matter who they are.

Mentoring for the Future

Innovation is not the only goal of inspiring teamwork within Gannett Fleming employees; collaboration is also heightened due to the department structure of every business line within the company. Managers and more experienced employees are taught to lead teams in a unified mindset, encouraging mentoring and teaching opportunities for the more junior staff. This open-door policy and level playing field leads to quick advancement and unique learning opportunities within Gannett Fleming. People in our teams are more than willing to provide the necessary opportunities and exposure to ensure junior employees can build upon their technical and professional foundations every day.

In addition to mentorship within department teams, two of our ERGs, Connected Women at Gannett Fleming™ and Military Veterans at Gannett Fleming, established the Connected Relationships™ Mentoring Program. This program utilizes the existing intelligence, skills, and backgrounds of senior employees to pair with a junior or less experienced employee. This opportunity generates employee career advancement as well as skill development in areas such as leadership, project management, business evolution, and overall professional improvement.

Giving Back to Our Communities

The people you work with at Gannett Fleming are as much focused on our external communities as they are on making Gannett Fleming a great place to work. Stated right in our company vision, Gannett Fleming is “a driving force in improving our surrounding communities and sustaining our world,” and we accomplish this through our employees’ hard work and commitment to be the best they can be. By promoting our services to the communities in which we live, society, firm and individual are all able to reap the benefits of our projects. Additionally, we take significant steps to minimize adverse environmental impacts and conserve natural resources throughout project implementation.

Gannett Fleming is proud to host a family of employees that are dedicated to give back to their communities and those in need. Recipients of Gannett Fleming corporate charitable giving include Water for People, the Red Cross, and Engineers without Borders. Employees also donate service hours and money to organizations in which they reside and work in on their own time. When Hurricane Sandy left a devastating impact on six offices and 300 Gannett Fleming employees, the company established the Gannett Fleming Charitable Foundation Fund, where employees were able to provide financial relief via matched payroll deductions and donate PTO through a leave-sharing program.

Although not a traditional family in terms of genetics and DNA, Gannett Fleming employees consistently support colleagues in every aspect. This attitude creates that desired safe space where those 99,840 hours are filled with care, protection, and appreciation.

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