Celebrating National Online Learning Day 2023: Top INSIGHTS Webcasts for Professional Development

Celebrating National Online Learning Day 2023: Top INSIGHTS Webcasts for Professional Development

Watch Popular On-Demand Webcasts, Learn from Thought Leaders on Some of the AEC Industry’s Most Pressing Issues

September 13, 2023
Daniela Kleinfeldt

National Online Learning Day is the perfect time to reflect on the flexible, accessible, and leading-edge opportunities online courses offer for continuing professional development.

In an ever-changing environment, staying current with the latest industry trends and innovations is essential. Live and on-demand webcasts provide a convenient way to supplement valuable, in-person instruction, receive education and training, and earn professional development hours.

Gannett Fleming’s culture encourages lifelong learning and supports employees through a variety of learning opportunities. One such learning opportunity is our INSIGHTS webcast program, which features a diverse range of topics and credit offerings for students of all ages. Founded during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when in-person learning opportunities disappeared, INSIGHTS embodies the benefits of online learning:

  • Flexibility: Online courses and webinars allow you to learn at your own pace, fitting your education around your busy schedule.
  • Accessibility: With just an internet connection and a computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can access educational resources from anywhere, anytime.
  • Diverse Content: Online learning platforms offer a vast array of courses, catering to a wide range of interests and industries. You can choose courses that align with your career goals. For example, you can find more than 50 webcasts covering a variety of subjects in our INSIGHTS digital portal.

10 Not-to-Miss INSIGHTS Webcasts

I’ve curated some of our most popular Gannett Fleming INSIGHTS webcasts to celebrate National Online Learning Day. In these hour-long presentations, our thought leaders share their in-depth expertise, best practices, innovative approaches, and industry trends with the audience. Our INSIGHTS webcasts also qualify for many types of free credits, including PDH, AIA, ENV SP, CMCI, and GISP.

A man in a high-visibility vest hanging upside down while inspecting the underside of a bridge using rope to secure himself.

1. Elevating Bridge Inspections Through Innovative Techniques

Explore the bridge inspection process and identify new, emerging technologies that help ensure the safety and sustainability of critical transportation infrastructure.

Silhouette of construction workers building a recycling icon with the sunset in the background.

2. Building Sustainable Infrastructure

Dive into sustainable, resilient, and equitable approaches during planning, design, and construction that will continue throughout a project’s operations, maintenance, and end-of-life phases.

A photograph taken from above a mountain range with a river running through it and clouds in the upper right-hand corner

3. Engineering, Economics, and Earth Sciences: The Three E's of Watershed Planning

At Gannett Fleming, we use a framework based on the Natural Resources Conservation Service approach to create solutions for watershed planning. Learn more about how this framework can be applied to complete successful projects that win funding and move to final design and construction. 

A rendering of a three-way street intersection in a downtown area with bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, and vehicle lanes

4. The Move Toward Multimodal: Keys to Effective Corridor Planning & Design

Gain valuable knowledge of planning and designing multimodal transportation corridors to create a comprehensive, efficient, and inclusive transportation system.

A long exposure image of train lights at dusk rushing through a train station

5. When to Electrify: Decision-Making Factors for Rail and Transit Electrification

With the rising demand for clean, resilient, and sustainable infrastructure solutions, rail and transit agencies are deciding when to electrify their systems. Before deciding, learn what electrification means, its benefits, impacts, and key considerations.

An overhead photograph of a congested highway with multiple vehicles attempting to merge

6. Transportation Planning With a Purpose…and Need

Understand the importance of purpose-driven planning while our thought leaders share valuable tips on developing strong need statements within NEPA documents specifically for transportation projects.

Four white tiles with the letters P, F, A, S laying on top of soil

7. PFAS: Taking the Forever Out of Forever Chemicals

Learn more about the proposed and planned federal regulations on PFAS and the funding, treatment, and modeling tools available to help remove these contaminants from drinking water and other sources.

Silhouette of the New York City skyline at sunset

8. Responding to Climate Change with Resiliency: A NYC Transit Case Study

Join a thought-provoking discussion about the design process surrounding New York City Transit’s resiliency program, addressing stations and support areas such as shops, rail yards, and support structures.

A photo of a person in a blue suit extending their hand to the forefront and AI/digital graphics over top their hand, as if holding them

9. Predictions by the President

GeoBIM, digital twin, machine learning, big data, smart cities – what does it all mean? Discover ideas and innovations that will continue to push boundaries and disrupt business operations.

A rendering of a DNA molecule

10. Investing in Research Infrastructure: Designing Penn State's Ancient DNA Lab

To meet the needs of Pennsylvania State University, Gannett Fleming designed one of the largest ancient DNA laboratories in the U.S. Take a closer look at the development, collaboration, and stakeholder involvement for the successful delivery of a world-class facility.

Embrace the future of learning and take advantage of the convenience, accessibility, and affordability that online education provides. Gannett Fleming’s INSIGHTS digital portal has provided thousands of professionals access to high-quality content through expert-led courses over the past three years, and we look forward to continuing to contribute to education and lifelong learning.

Prioritize Learning and Development in Your Career!

Do you want to join a team that is driven to learn, improve, and collaborate? Check out our open positions and career opportunities and take advantage of educational benefits like tuition reimbursement, specialized learning programs, mentorship, and professional society reimbursement.


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