Our Commitment to Sustainable Infrastructure

Safety, sustainability, resiliency, quality, community involvement—our responsibilities are deeply rooted in our culture. It’s how we live, work, and deliver solutions for current challenges while carefully considering future needs.

Safety First

The safety of our employees, our clients, and the people we serve is our number one priority, and every Gannett Fleming employee plays an active role in safety.

The work we do comes with the potential risk of exposure to hazards. We are committed to protecting our clients, their customers, our employees, and the communities we serve through a proactive safety program.

Innovative, Sustainable Construction

At Gannett Fleming, we employ industry best practices to meet your sustainability targets, improve efficiency, protect resources, and reduce waste and emissions. Our sustainability-driven team is ready to help you design and implement strategies that protect and enhance our built and natural environments while balancing socio-economic and environmental priorities.

Gannett Fleming invests significant resources to develop intelligent designs, innovative technologies, and efficient systems that provide environmentally sound solutions for your projects and communities.


Every day on the news, we see the effects of extreme weather. The strain on our communities and infrastructure is constant and ever-increasing.

That’s why we ensure our clients can withstand and recover from challenging conditions through our resiliency suite of services. We stand by our clients at all times — particularly when emergencies strike. Our diverse team includes leaders ready to support our clients with the tools, services, and specialized expertise necessary to prepare for and recover from a disaster.

Resiliency goes hand in hand with sustainability. By designing and building resilient structures, we strengthen our communities and achieve our clients’ goals.


At Gannett Fleming, we’re serious about quality.

Doing quality work allows us to meet our clients’ requirements and achieve their goals. We harness the expertise of our employees to identify innovative solutions and greater efficiencies. Clients hail our quality management process, which is independently audited for continuous improvement.

Community Involvement

Our firm’s vision is clear: we’re here to be a driving force for good in our communities.

It’s no surprise, then, that community involvement is vital to us. We are confident that we can change the world for the better. From charitable giving to scholarships to mentorship programs, Gannett Fleming employees live out our vision every day.