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Corporate Safety Program

  • Gannett Fleming

    In 2018, we provided 5,549 hours of specialized safety education to employees. In 2019, Gannett Fleming's senior leaders completed the American Red Cross Adult First Aid/CPR/AED training, demonstrating their dedication to safety.

  • President’s Award for Safety Excellence - Gannett Fleming

    Gannett Fleming's President's Award for Safety Excellence honors employee dedication to safety. 2013 honoree Tony Wagner, PG, CPG, is shown here with Bill Stout, PE, CEO.

  • Gannett Fleming employees participating in confined space training.

    Continually communicating and promoting safety is at the heart of our safety program. Our training efforts range from traditional leader-led courses to custom educational videos posted for easy access on mobile devices.

  • Fire Extinguisher Training - Gannett Fleming

    June is designated as our companywide Safety Month. Employees participate in activities such as training webinars, hands-on education related to job and home tasks, as well as activities like car seat checks and hands-on fire extinguisher training.

  • Continuous Learning - Gannett Fleming

    Whether showcasing PPE in a fashion show or demonstrating the dangers of texting while driving in a video game, our annual Safety and Wellness Day educates and engages staff of all levels.

Every Gannett Fleming employee plays an active role in safety, no matter their location or job function. We achieve the highest level of safety for our client projects and internal operations by providing the latest protective equipment, well-defined procedures, and practice-specific training. 

Safety is in Our Hands

The work we do comes with the potential risk for exposure to hazards. We are committed to protecting the safety of our clients, their customers, our employees, and the communities in which we live by placing the highest priority on policies, processes, training, and technologies that guard these important assets.

Our comprehensive safety program is based on our corporate Safety and Health Policy and is directed by technical safety experts in our Corporate Safety Group to provide plans and implementation strategies for working safely to meet client expectations. Our safety commitment is reinforced with a robust communication program to educate employees about effective ways to identify, avoid, and report workplace hazards. 

Safety Program Highlights

  • Below industry average total recordable incident and experience modification rates 
  • Employee safety empowerment (stop work authority)
  • Employee disciplinary policy related to safety to motivate staff to work in accordance with established safety procedures
  • Safety-related performance goals for all employees 
  • Firm-wide safety stand downs
  • Safety Committee comprised of employees and executives to discuss strategic goals and report progress to the Board of Directors 
  • Companywide safety month to promote and celebrate the firm’s safety culture
  • Local safety coordinators that serve as a safety resource for employees in each office
  • President’s Award for Safety Excellence to honor exemplary safety practices and highlight its importance in our firm
  • Corporate Safety IntraNet page and weekly safety tips
  • Annual safety awareness training for all employees to provide basic information and updates on upcoming safety initiatives 
  • Job-specific safety courses to give employees relevant and immediate access to the training they need for their specific roles
  • Safety training offerings ranging from defensive driving and standard first aid to specialized client-specific training courses
  • Toolbox talks to facilitate health and safety discussions on the job site
  • Member of the National Safety Council to demonstrate the firm’s commitment to engaging employees in our proactive safety culture
  • ISNet World member to aid clients during the procurement process.

Through engagement, flexibility, and commitment, we’re proud to maintain an exemplary safety record and a Total Recordable Incident Rate that is lower than the industry average.