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Gannett Fleming Valuation and Rate Consultants, LLC

  • Electric Substation - Gannett Fleming

    Depreciation Services

    When you need informed engineering judgment that assures the timely recovery of capital investment, we are the source to turn to.

    Our approach considers all appropriate factors to correctly estimate facilities’ service life and net salvage.

    We have supported and defended our studies with expert testimony in regulatory proceedings across North America.


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  • Wasterwater treatment plant - Gannett Fleming

    Rate Services

    We are experienced in revenue and expense analysis, cost of capital, and depreciation claims to ensure that required revenue levels are achieved.

    We have conducted numerous class cost-of-service allocation studies to determine an equitable basis for rate design.

    We develop customized rate structures to help utilities charge rates that are fair and equitable for all users.


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  • Solar panels and wind turbines in a field - Gannett Fleming.

    Valuation Services

    Our knowledgeable team conducts original cost and fair market reproduction cost studies.

    Using field inventories, system maps, and indexed unit costs, we estimate the value of distribution plants and facilities.


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  • Gas line pipes - Gannett Fleming

    Financial Services

    • Cost of Capital - Rate of Return Studies
    • Debt Financing Reports
    • Economic and Demographic Studies
    • Economic Valuation Studies
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Financial Decision Studies
    • Financial Planning
    • IFRS Services
    • Related Financial Studies


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Having sufficient revenues to provide quality service, as well as a fair return on investment, is critical to all utilities. Our experienced depreciation, valuation, and ratemaking professionals successfully represent clients in public pricing policy before regulators and in courts of law. Combining traditional principles with innovative approaches, we deliver clear and concise reports and testimony that stand the test of scrutiny.

More than 100 Years of Experience

At Gannett Fleming Valuation and Rate Consultants, LLC (GFVRC), we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality consulting services for a wide range of organizations, including utility companies, such as electric, gas, water, and wastewater; and other entities, such as railroad, freight, and shipping companies. In addition, we represent our clients in public pricing policy and related matters before regulators and in courts of law. Our staff provides expert testimony in regulatory proceedings before local, county, regional, state, and federal bodies throughout North America. We are also a registered Municipal Advisor with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

As a team, we embrace the time-tested traditional principles in the areas of ratemaking, depreciation, valuation, and finance and combine these principles with newer innovative approaches to provide a quality product that can stand the test of scrutiny. GFVRC staff includes leading experts in their fields and is comprised of an experienced group of engineers, accountants, and analysts whose expertise can meet our client’s needs by utilizing our own proprietary computer-modeling software to conduct studies and analyses.

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