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Information Technology Overview

  • Reliable Data Center - Gannett Fleming

    Gannett Fleming IT Services maintains a powerful data center. We leverage leading technology that delivers effective knowledge management capability and provides clients with a competitive business edge.
  • Strategic Geospatial IT Support - Gannett Fleming

    GeoDecisions delivers enterprise geospatial IT solutions that empower defense, homeland security, transportation, state, county, municipal, and commercial clients to make smarter, more-informed decisions.
  • Digital Printing Capabilities - Gannett Fleming

    GANCOM’s digital printer produces sharp and sustainable results. We electronically create, store, and edit publications to eliminate costly steps and enhance the look of any piece for organizations big or small.
  • BIM

    Using BIM software and 3-D visualization, we designed a high-tech combined sewer overflow treatment facility in western Pennsylvania to help prevent water pollution during wet weather.

Technology changes rapidly. We get it. While serving up enterprise IT solutions, we stay connected to the latest trends so that you can plan ahead. Our technology experts provide decision makers with a deeper level of analysis, intelligence, and visibility. This enables us to consistently deliver a return on investment for academic, commercial, federal, government, and international clients. We make it our mission to provide you with a competitive business edge.

Our Expertise

The WOW Factor
Our geospatial and visualization projects make an immediate impact. Our IRRIS® web portal transformed how the U.S. military manages global surface cargo movement. We use building information modeling (BIM) to educate the public on engineering efforts. 

Looking for a true “one-stop-shop”? An award-winning service provider, we are accustomed to integrating IT processes that save time and money. Our digital print-on-demand technology also helps eliminate waste.

We tackle technology from all angles - planning and design through implementation and support. For example, we developed a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation traffic data system that processes more than 20 million new records per month.

Learn More About These Capabilities

We provided one of the first U.S. water treatment plant BIM designs for Pennsylvania’s Red Lion Municipal Authority.