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Retaining Walls

Infrastructure projects often need innovative excavation and retaining wall design to minimize right-of-way acquisition, disruption to the traveling public, and impact to environmentally sensitive areas. As technology evolves, new construction techniques are developed. We incorporate these advances into our analysis and design, yielding cost-effective and state-of-the-art solutions. 

Our Expertise

What We Do
We design significant temporary and permanent excavations and fill support walls of various types and provide complete analysis, design, inspection, and installation testing/performance monitoring.

What You Can Expect
  • Diverse Wall Types
    Wall types include cantilever, soldier pile and lagging, mechanically stabilized earth, geosynthetic reinforced earth, soil nail, anchored, prefabricated modular walls, and slurry diaphragm walls. Walls range from minor walls along streams to major structures for roadway interchanges and rail projects. On one rock cut project, we designed a 70-foot-high anchored wall to support highly unstable rock formations.
  • Rural and Urban Locations
    We have significant experience designing excavation support systems and retaining walls in areas ranging from rural mountainous locales to urban environments where underpinning and protection of existing structures is critical.
  • Complete Project Support
    As a full-service firm, we can perform all engineering and construction activities related to your project.

Excavation and Retaining Wall Services

  • Design of embankment fill walls
  • Design of excavation support – temporary and permanent   
  • Existing wall analysis to evaluate rehabilitation or reconstruction options
  • Existing wall inspection
  • Slurry wall/diaphragm wall design
  • Retaining wall designs of all types.