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Many issues can derail a project. Improper permitting shouldn’t be one of them. The right engineering team can steer you through regulatory curves and administrative showstoppers to keep your project on course. If your plans involve air, water, or land, we have the in-house permit preparation and processing expertise to help you secure local, state, and federal approvals, coordinate interagency cooperation, and ensure compliance.

Our Expertise

We understand the difficulties of moving business forward while complying with complicated and ever-changing environmental regulations. Our team assists in the early stages of projects to incorporate permitting timelines into the overall project schedule. We conduct thorough regulatory reviews and applicability analyses to hone in on the issues at hand and find exemptions whenever possible. We handle permitting for new construction, modifications, improvements, and renewals. We are experienced in environmental permitting requirements for both mobile and stationary sources. 

Our team has deep knowledge in negotiating permit and environmental issues, including administrative and legal challenges to permitting decisions. We specialize in preparing and submitting federal permit applications and associated state and local regulations. With a diverse staff of engineers, biologists, hydrologists, and regulatory specialists, we focus on defining long-term business goals, and build operational capabilities into the permit process.

Permitting Services

  • Air emissions
  • Air inventories
  • Clean Water Act, Section 404
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Groundwater extractions
  • Land disturbance permits
  • Municipal/industrial use discharge
  • NPDES – general discharge permits
  • NPDES – industrial
  • Rivers & Harbors Act, Section 9 & 10
  • Stormwater
  • Underground storage tanks.

Markets We Serve

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