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Litigation Support

When you’re faced with complex environmental litigation, you need a knowledgeable team of professionals to help you simplify, review, and respond to scientific data with accuracy and authority. With insight and clarity, our in-house engineers, environmental scientists, geologists, hydrogeologists, and risk assessors can ascertain the root of your environmental dispute, and advise you from case assessment, development, and discovery, through final resolution.

Our Expertise

We understand the complexities of environmental litigation and analyze scientific data so you don’t have to. Our in-house litigation support team is expert in environmental sciences, risk assessment, remedial design, and cost analysis. We use the latest technology and courtroom techniques to prepare witnesses and trial exhibits that tell your story in a truthful, focused, compelling manner—from multimedia presentations to 3-D modeling and animation, to live courtroom demonstrations.

Litigation Support Services

  • Third-party review of historical site reports
  • Complex discovery review, analysis, and interpretation
  • Aerial photo interpretation
  • Document management services
  • Database services
  • Literature review and evaluation
  • Conceptual site model preparation
  • Risk assessment
  • Cleanup technology and cost evaluation 
  • Guaranteed fixed price cost analysis 
  • 3-D data visualization and interpretation
  • Multimedia video production and animation
  • Expert witness services and report preparation
  • Deposition assistance
  • Trial exhibit preparation
  • Trial strategy and mediations
  • Geochemical forensic analysis and multi-source interpretations.

We prepare your witnesses for expert testimony and provide strategic solutions that unravel even the most complex scientific, technical, and regulatory issues.