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Engineering Design & Construction Management/Inspection

Many communities fear development and construction as potential health and safety hazards. Maintaining quality of life and the environment during any construction project is key. Our sustainable, budget-conscious development methods ensure your project stays in local, state, and federal compliance, while preserving natural resources and livability for the future. 

Our Expertise

As environmental problem-solvers for more than 40 years, our strong knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations keeps you in step with natural resource laws. With an in-house team of engineering, scientific, and technical experts, we assist you in developing strategies to protect resources, including the establishment of restoration goals, objectives, and priorities. We provide investigation strategies that not only characterize existing problems, but identify opportunities for improvement and can facilitate project funding and implementation.

Environmental Engineering Services

  • Bulk storage tanks/facility design for chemical and petroleum
  • Dewatering pad treatment design
  • Renewable energy design
  • Stormwater best management practices design
  • Stream restoration design
  • Treatment system design
  • Underground storage tank and dispenser design
  • Vehicle/railcar washbays
  • Water and wastewater
  • Wetlands design.

Markets We Serve

We Have Significant Experience in These Markets