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Business and Technology Solutions Overview

From strategy development to service delivery, infrastructure owners have increased the performance of their assets with help from the business and technology solutions consultants at Gannett Fleming. 

Our experienced team applies industry and technical knowledge to meet your unique business objectives by enabling data driven decision making, improving reliability and resilience, improving the customer experience, increasing asset utilization, increasing performance and productivity, and managing whole lifecycle costs.

Our Experience

Gannett Fleming’s business and technology solutions increase the performance of infrastructure assets. Our mission is to partner with infrastructure owners and service providers to improve mobility, reliability, safety, and security, consistently delivering value to our clients.

Business Improvement and Innovation
Drive process and people changes to improve performance and generate value.

Asset Management
Align your assets to your business objectives by maximizing return on infrastructure assets across their lifecycle.

Infrastructure Management Technology
Apply technology to make infrastructure reliable, productive, and smart.

Feasibility and Finance
Bring analytical rigor to business case analysis and feasibility assessments.

Markets We Serve

  • Newly constructed expressway in Florida – Gannett Fleming


    Our highway experience spans the spectrum of asset management services. Working with departments of transportation, toll authorities, and local jurisdictions, we help clients develop strategy and asset management plans, make informed investment decisions, develop lifecycle plans, manage risk, as well as develop and manage performance frameworks. Our specialized experience with automated condition inspection, pavement management, bridge management, tunnel management, and maintenance management systems helps clients preserve assets and minimize whole lifecycle costs. Learn more about our highway experience.

  • Austin MetroRail Train Car – Gannett Fleming

    Transit & Rail

    With increasing ridership and the changing expectations of customers, the transit and rail industry is challenged to grow capacity, meet new travel demands, and cost-effectively deploy contemporary technologies. Agencies also need to manage a growing backlog of state of good repair (SGR) needs. From strategy through asset management plans, we help transit and rail clients manage these evolving needs, including assisting with MAP-21 compliance, alignment with ISO 5500, SGR reporting, and enterprise asset management (EAM) information systems. Learn more about our transit & rail experience.

  • Kentucky River Wastewater Facility – Gannett Fleming


    Our business and technology consultants have in-depth experience developing asset management plans for water and wastewater systems. We have established structured and consistent data management approaches that provide clients with the essential foundation to making effective asset management decisions. This approach enhances the asset hierarchy, defines the Maintenance Managed Item (MMI), and identifies the data attributes required to support the asset management decision-making process. Learn more about our water/wastewater experience.