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Acoustics Overview

When noise and vibration levels from highway, railway, airport infrastructure, and construction projects rise above acceptable levels, residents of surrounding communities are impacted. Agencies, authorities, and developers must maintain federal and state noise standards or mitigate the negative impact to minimize disturbances. We offer a full range of noise and vibration services to help you analyze and mitigate the source, interface with the public, and monitor the source to maintain compliance.

Our Expertise

From pre-construction air, noise, or vibration analysis to post-construction monitoring, we offer a full range of services. We have performed noise, vibration, and air quality analyses from coast to coast using models from the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. With all equipment in-house, we are ready to deploy quickly to meet your noise, vibration, and air quality monitoring and measuring needs.

And when you’re ready to take your mitigation strategy to the public, we can handle that too. Using award-winning technologies such as Sounds of Transit and Sounds of Highways, we help people understand the impact your project will have on their community.

We not only apply award-winning solutions – we teach them to others. We are nationally recognized teachers and researchers, each with an average of 32 years of experience. With our technical experience and deep understanding of regulations, our contributions to federal research projects set the stage for future highway noise policies.

Acoustics Solutions

  • Airport authorities
  • Communities
  • Developers
  • Freight rail operators
  • International clients
  • Local, state, and federal government agencies
  • State highway agencies
  • Transit and heavy rail agencies
  • Warehouses.

Acoustics Services

Featured Services

  • Air emissions inventories
  • Air quality analysis and monitoring
  • Community involvement
  • Construction noise and vibration monitoring
  • Expert witness services and testimony
  • Mobile source air toxics analysis
  • NEPA environmental assessments
  • Noise and vibration abatement
  • Noise and vibration impact mitigation and analysis
  • Noise and vibration monitoring
  • Noise barrier design
  • Noise monitoring (short-term and long-term)
  • Noise ordinance compliance
  • Particulate matter hot spot analysis
  • Rail noise and vibration monitoring
  • Rail noise studies
  • Traffic Noise Model modeling and analysis
  • Traffic noise studies.

  • Sounds of Transit

    Sounds of Transit

    Sounds of Transit is a first-of-its-kind audio-visual tool that allows the public to hear actual transit sounds, helping them to clearly understand the sound levels that will result from an infrastructure project. This original solution, developed by Gannett Fleming, conveys sound information in a format that requires no special technical knowledge of noise management strategies and is independent of language and noise metric systems. It is a powerful, scalable tool that can be customized with a diverse library of sound samples for any type of infrastructure improvement where noise concerns exist, such as high-speed rail, highways, airports, and military operations.
  • National Research Projects

    National Research Projects

    Gannett Fleming contributes regularly to federal research projects, such as:
    • TOPR #6801-1201523: CFR 772 Streamlining, Analysis, and Outreach
    • National Cooperative Highway Research Program Research Project 10-76
    • National Cooperative Highway Research Program Project 25-34 
    • FHWA Traffic Noise Model 3.0 User Interface Cooperative Research Broad Agency Announcement
    • National Cooperative Highway Research Program Project 25-44, Field Evaluation of Reflected Noise from a Single Noise Barrier
    • TOPR #6801-14026: CFR 772 Streamlining, Analysis, and Outreach, Phase II
    • National Highway Institute Highway Noise Training Course Update 
    • Validating TNM 3.0 before the release to the general public.
  • Sounds of Highway - Gannett Fleming.

    Sounds of Highway

    Developed by Gannett Fleming, Sounds of Highway is an interactive sound information system that conveys to the public the impact of actual highway sound levels. This powerful tool helps stakeholders to clearly understand the variety of new or reconfigured highway sound levels that could result from planned roadway projects. Its accuracy and audio-visual features engage the public and help the community form a realistic impression, making it highly effective in presentations targeted to neighborhood groups and decision makers.

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