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Infrastructure Management Technology

Tunnel Asset Management

We harness technology to unlock opportunity for our clients.

Technology is dramatically enabling business improvement in the development, management, and operation of infrastructure assets. From virtual design and construction through condition inspection, monitoring, and controls systems, to enterprise asset management information systems, we enable infrastructure owners to realize the benefits that technology can unlock across the infrastructure life cycle.

With a comprehensive infrastructure management services portfolio, we combine deep industry knowledge and experience with technology expertise to help you evaluate, select, and implement the 'best value' technology products and services to better manage and operate infrastructure assets.


Our consultants know infrastructure data and management technologies from data collection, cleansing, and administration through to its use in monitoring, management, program development, and asset creation. We have experience with commercially available collection and monitoring technologies and the COTS products and platforms used by our clients.

Gannett Fleming is independent of technology products, rendering our advice truly unbiased. Our focus is in supporting technology planning, acquisition, and implementation to drive improved infrastructure performance.

Our service offerings include:

  • Analytics
  • Asset data integration
  • Asset information systems planning
  • Business and data architecture
  • Change management
  • Condition inspection and monitoring systems
  • Data visualization
  • Owner’s business partner for acquisition and implementation
  • Procurement support
  • Smart infrastructure policy and planning.

Gannett Fleming has specialized experience with enterprise asset management and maintenance management systems.