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Municipalities, utilities, and private industry are pressed to safely treat wastewater at the best possible value. We work with you to first understand and define and then solve your wastewater problems. We help you navigate complex political systems, state and federal regulations, social involvement, budgetary, and funding issues. Our solid engineering, practical design, process knowledge, and technical innovations ensure a fair return on your treatment investment.

Our Experience

Leading Value Engineering & Delivery
As one of the premier U.S. wastewater engineering firms, we’ve planned, designed, managed construction of, and operated hundreds of wastewater plants and pump stations. And we’ve designed thousands of miles of sewer systems and have extensive experience managing watersheds. With a track record of delivering complex projects under diverse site conditions, our wastewater engineers and operators seek ways to control costs – through system repairs, upgrades, operations management, industrial pretreatment, water reuse, and through developing new uses for treated wastewater.

Sustainability for the Future
Our green approach to new facilities and rehabilitations incorporates sustainable design, energy saving processes, hydrologic and water quality models, and natural treatment technologies. We focus on ecologically engineered and managed solutions to water and related land resource issues.

Wastewater Solutions

Ensuring clean, safe water resources is essential to sustaining our communities. We’ve played a strategic role in shaping water quality improvement strategies for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and ensuring implementation of biological nutrient removal technologies through more than 50 studies and designs for wastewater treatment plant upgrades across the watershed.