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Special Services

We understand dams, levees, and water supply systems and what it takes to protect their security and the marine environments around them. We have deep experience in the design of fish passage facilities, including nature-like fishways, fish ladders, and fish lifts. And, we’re also specialists in the cost-effective removal and decommissioning of abandoned and end-of-life dams.

Our Expertise

We’re a full-service engineering firm that takes the guesswork out of your security initiatives, fish passage projects, and removal and decommissioning efforts. We can assist you in understanding threats, assessing vulnerabilities, and reducing risk to better prepare you for the future.

Special Services Solutions

Public Safety and Security
Whether terrorism, workplace violence, employee theft, or vandalism, companies must be proactive in the area of security. We can design physical protection systems, surveillance (CCTV) systems, access control, and life safety systems, as well as integrate security plans into an overall crisis and emergency response strategy to help you stay prepared and protect assets.

Fish Passage
Our engineers and scientists work closely with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other fish behavior experts to maximize the effectiveness of fish passageways and watershed management, including designs for vertical slot, pool and weir, Denil, Alaskan steeppass, and nature-like fishways. 

Removal and Decommissioning 
We provide environmental site assessments, demolition, and remediation services for dams and water facilities closure. We also have extensive expertise in asset recovery and site decontamination, addressing environmental and community concerns.

Special Services

Featured Services

  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Construction administration and resident inspection
  • Dam design, rehabilitation, removal, and decommissioning 
  • Evaluation of existing fish passage facilities
  • Feasibility and conceptual design studies
  • Final design and preparation of contract documents
  • Fish counting and viewing facilities
  • Fishway and fish screen design
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analyses
  • Operation and maintenance plans
  • Physical modeling and value engineering
  • Project permitting
  • Public security and safety
  • Security plan tabletop exercises
  • Security site assessments and plan enhancements
  • Start-up services and annual inspections
  • Stream restoration and relocation 
  • Supplemental attraction flow system design
  • Trashrack and screen design
  • Weir systems (automated and manually operated).

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