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Safe Yield & Water Supply Investigations

Good water supply decisions depend on complete, accurate data – especially as municipalities, utilities, and private industry face scarcity, conservation, drought, and financial concerns. We perform detailed studies to provide the statistical information you need for water supply reliability and performance. And we go beyond the engineering to guide you through permit condition negotiations, maximize your operations, and develop new supply sources.

Our Expertise

Our clients benefit from our extensive experience in water supply investigations to adequately estimate yield, assess the economic aspects of supply options, identify opportunities for reuse, and understand impacts on other water usage. In the last 15 years, we’ve completed more than 30 studies ranging from a single reservoir to complex composite systems comprised on multiple reservoirs wells, river intakes, and transmission facilities. We collect extensive hydraulic, hydrologic, and system operational data and develop custom programs to evaluate and optimize operating rules and in-stream regulatory flow requirements.

Safe Yield & Water Supply Investigations Solutions

  • Drought contingency plans
  • In-stream flow requirement negotiations
  • Optimized operating procedures
  • Reservoir sizing, refill, and recovery
  • Safe and firm yields
  • Surplus water availability
  • Transmission main evaluation
  • Treatment plant sizing
  • Water supply expansions
  • Water supply permit application data.

Safe Yield & Water Supply Investigations Services

Featured Services

  • Custom computer programming and modeling
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Hydraulic computer modeling
  • Hydrologic modeling
  • Operations and management
  • Permit condition negotiations
  • Planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Reservoir refill and recovery statistical analyses
  • Safe yield determinations
  • Transmission statistical analyses
  • Water supply studies.

Specialized Services

  • Custom Application Development - Gannett Fleming

    Custom Application Development

    We develop custom applications to simulate the daily operation of each unique supply system. These applications can integrate economic analyses not available in out-of-the-box solutions, which enable our clients to optimize safe yield under drought conditions and per operating costs. Our clients use these applications as a basis for operating decisions, such as which raw water source to use and whether to turn on pumps or open gates.

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