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Water Resources

New sources of water are increasingly more costly to develop while demand for safe, reliable water continues to rise. As a top U.S. water engineering firm, we can advise you on how to get the most from your water supply systems. We apply experience with surface and groundwater sources, treatment, distribution, dam design, and environmental permitting to create sound technical solutions for developing new supplies and sustaining existing ones.

Our Experience

Surface and Groundwater Supply Services
We’ve planned, investigated, developed, and managed surface water and groundwater supply sources to meet growing demand, achieve stringent water quality goals, and ensure safe and secure systems. We advise you on demand projections, current supply capacities, opportunities for maximizing operations, preventative maintenance, and vulnerability. And we help you navigate the water supply permitting application process, serving as your liaison with regulators and the public.

Conservation and Reuse
We lead the way in conservation strategies for dams and reservoirs, groundwater supplies, and reclaimed water, as well as reuse initiatives, such as using treated wastewater to improve groundwater table levels and recycling wastewater within client facilities. 

Water Resource Solutions