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Municipal and private utilities, federal and state agencies, and private industry face financial and water resource, infrastructure, and treatment challenges when meeting customer demands and government regulation, while also maintaining aging infrastructure. We can support you in planning proactively to improve system resiliency, respond to changing market pressures and demographics, and address water resource problems. Working to solve your problems, not just apply our solutions, we can develop multi-phased plans that position you to achieve your goals, develop financial sustainability, and improve stakeholder and public relations.

Our Expertise

We provide diverse planning expertise across the total water market including:

  • Drinking water treatment and conveyance   
  • Sources of supply and impoundments 
  • Stormwater for combined or separate systems
  • Wastewater collection and treatment.
We approach planning as a partnership with you – we get to know your needs, constraints, and understand what’s important, and then craft solutions that meet your needs. With broad and specialized engineering capability across Gannett Fleming, we not only plan integrated water solutions, but also provide ancillary studies, including environmental assessments, wetland delineations, and geotechnical investigations.

Planning Services

Red Lion Municipal Authority Cabin Creek Water Treatment Plant

Modeling Capabilities

  • Distribution and Collection System Hydraulic Modeling

    Our planners and engineers combine hydraulic modeling development and analytical expertise with first-hand system operations understanding to develop accurate, well- calibrated, practical models that provide the insight necessary to support system planning and asset management strategies.

    Hydraulic modeling serves as the basis for the design and rehabilitation of wastewater collection systems, support permit applications, and prove regulatory compliance. Our wastewater engineers also apply modeling data to detect ways to improve operational efficiencies and develop SCADA programs for monitoring and control.
  • Water Supply Modeling

    Using state-of-the-art software and custom programming, we perform hydrologic and hydraulic analyses to assess safe yield and optimize water resource systems to minimize energy use and provide flexibility to manage water quality.
  • GIS Mapping and Floodplain Analysis

    From hardcopy maps to Google Earth animations and automated map production in ArcGIS 10, effective geographic information systems (GIS) is critical to hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, flood mapping, and risk assessment. We produce essential maps, map books, and more interactive media – dam breach animations, 3-D GIS and modeling viewers, layered GeoPDFs – whatever it takes to effectively communicate risk to a diverse range of stakeholders. Read more about GIS.
  • Biological Nutrient Reduction Modeling

    Using state-of-the-art modeling and thorough wastewater sampling programs, our engineers develop treatment process models used to guide facility upgrade solutions to meet the ever more stringent watershed based nutrient reduction regulations.
  • Building Information Modeling

    With BIM, we can design and document a project throughout its life cycle, enabling us to implement energy-saving designs, constructability, and construction sequencing, as well as maintain operations for existing facilities during construction. BIM visualization also improves project understanding and communications throughout the design process. Visualizing spaces and equipment while moving through a facility allows end users to truly understand the facility they are developing. Read more about BIM.

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