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Water Treatment Plants

Maintaining an abundant, high-quality water supply through effective water treatment is a top priority of municipal utilities and private industries alike. Whether it’s a new treatment solution or process upgrade, we select the most effective treatment processes that fit your unique needs, constraints, resources, and regulatory requirements. We bring further value to your projects with alternative delivery options that ensure efficient project delivery to minimize operational downtime.

Our Expertise

Treatment Plants & Process Selection
In the last decade, we’ve investigated, evaluated, designed, constructed, and supervised the operation of 35 water treatment plants with capacities ranging from .01 to 100 million gallons per day. We design treatment solutions that meet the requirements and goals of our clients. We may use conventional treatment, abbreviated clarification processes, high-rate granular media filtration, or advanced membrane filtration for surface waters based on the raw water quality challenges presented. Our award-winning efforts include one of the largest membrane water treatment plants in the eastern U.S. that allowed a significant facility expansion while also improving the treatment process.

Our clients benefit from our ability to match the process solution to your raw water quality and treatment needs. We use the most effective techniques to abbreviate the overall treatment process while satisfying drinking water regulations and your goals. 

Effective Project Delivery
We tailor our project delivery to meet your financing, timeline, and budgetary requirements. We’ve successfully brought plants online through design-build, progressive design-build, and CM-at-risk methods, ensuring critical issues are resolved correctly and efficiently, while delivering on time and often under budget.

Water Treatment Plant Solutions

  • New facilities, rehabilitations, and expansions
  • Treatment technologies:
    • Abbreviated and high rate clarification processes
    • Advanced oxidation
    • Chemical feed systems
    • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) treatment
    • Granular media and membrane filtration
    • High-efficiency mixing, chemical coagulation, flocculation processes
    • High pressure membrane processes
    • Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis
    • Onsite hypochlorite generation
    • UV disinfection.

We provide the insight needed for critical process selection. We effectively adopt new technologies – like UV disinfection, membrane filtration, advanced oxidation, or on-site hypochlorite generation – when it makes sense for you and your application.

Water Treatment Plant Services

Featured Services

  • Alternative supplies and treatment options
  • Annual reporting and operating budgets
  • Building information modeling 
  • Construction management
  • Construction services
  • Design-build
  • Facility inspections and reports
  • Feasibility and pilot plant studies
  • Operations and management performance audits and manuals
  • Operational plans
  • Permit submission and renewal
  • Process control and optimization
  • Public outreach
  • Rates and financial evaluations
  • Regulatory responses and negotiations
  • SCADA programming
  • Security and safety services
  • Staffing evaluations
  • Start-up and operations support
  • Treatment process troubleshooting
  • Value engineering
  • Water quality modeling and sampling.

Specialized Services

  • Treatability Studies adn Pilot Testing

    Treatability Studies and Pilot Testing

    Performing laboratory treatability studies and pilot testing early in the design phase is critical to selecting the most effective treatment process. We perform this testing to establish a basis for plant system design, ensure compliance, provide data for operations and management processes, and identify alternative treatment options.
  • BIM

    Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    With BIM, we can design and document a project throughout its life cycle, enabling us to implement energy-saving designs, constructability, and construction sequencing, as well as maintain operations for existing facilities during construction. BIM visualization also improves project understanding and communications throughout the design process. Visualizing spaces and equipment while moving through a facility allows the end user to truly understand the facility they are developing. Read more about BIM.
  • Operations and Management

    Operations & Management

    Sound operations and management processes are essential to achieve system reliability, control costs, save energy, and yield full equipment life. We look for strategic ways to improve O&M function in support of a facility's mission and provide staffing support at any phase of execution. This allows us to recommend solutions and help you carry out those recommendations.
  • Instrumentation & Controls SCADA

    Instrumentation & Controls SCADA

    Well-designed and maintained SCADA systems are essential to successfully automate facilities and manage system performance. We’ve completed SCADA projects ranging from small systems with a few sites monitoring a couple hundred points, to large systems with more than 50 sites monitoring thousands of points. Our efforts include design, programming, commissioning, and training. Read more about Technology/Communications.

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