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Transmission Distribution & Storage

Maintaining high quality standards throughout conveyance and storage systems is crucial to supplying safe water. Our integrated approach takes the entire water supply system into account to deliver total transmission, distribution, and storage solutions. From hydraulic analyses to long-term maintenance, we provide comprehensive modeling, design, construction, and construction management services. Our practical asset management approach guides our clients to transform their aging infrastructure to a state of good repair.

Our Expertise

Transmission & Distribution 
Effective transmission and distribution systems design depends on detailed analyses and a deep knowledge of water supply industry trends. We perform hydraulic modeling, both steady state and transient state analyses, to pinpoint and resolve areas of hydraulic concern. We assess distribution system and storage water quality concerns using hydraulic modeling and field analyses, and we develop and use asset management to support critical decision making to help guide utilities toward a state of good repair and long-term system sustainability.

We’re experienced in meeting infrastructure challenges, including designing and constructing large cross-country transmission pipelines and distribution systems within difficult urban settings. We have expertise in applying alternative pipeline construction technologies and designing complex buried infrastructure using Civil 3-D.

Storage Facilities 
With a focus on efficiency, compliance, and minimizing downtime, we accurately inspect, design, construct, clean, and maintain storage facilities of all types.

Transmission, Distribution, & Storage Solutions

  • Distribution and transmission systems (ductile iron, PVC, HDPE, steel, and prestressed concrete pipe)
  • Pressure-reducing and surge control equipment
  • Storage facilities, including ground storage reservoirs, elevated tanks, and standpipes (concrete, steel, and prestressed concrete)
  • Water storage aeration treatment systems.

Transmission, Distribution, & Storage Services

Featured Services

  • Alternative construction technologies (tunneling, HDD, pipe bursting, traditional open-trench methods)
  • Asset management
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Construction management
  • Geographic information systems
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Permitting
  • Planning
  • Project management
  • Public outreach
  • Rates and financial evaluations
  • Storage capital improvement programs
  • Storage tank inspection and maintenance
  • Storage water aeration treatment
  • Surge analyses
  • Transient hydraulic analysis
  • Transmission, distribution, and storage facility design.

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