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From raw to finished water, raw sewage to wastewater effluent and treatment process residuals, to stormwater, pump stations are essential to in-plant, distribution and collection systems. We combine broad experience in designing and upgrading pumping stations with expertise in selecting pumping configurations to match your application requirements—drywell, wet well, horizontal, or verticaland to deliver reliable, efficient, and sustainable pumping solutions.

Our Expertise

We’ve designed and placed into service more than 200 pumping stations and associated systems with capacities ranging from 0.1 to 395 million gallons per day. And we have experience in: 

  • Dam impoundments 
  • Distribution system booster and fire pump stations 
  • Municipal drinking water treatment 
  • Stormwater conveyance
  • Water supply development 
  • Wastewater collection and treatment. 

Whether pumping raw water, finished water, wastewater or storm water, we draw on a multi-disciplined team – geotechnical, structural, electrical, mechanical, information and controls, and architectural – to evaluate and select the correct pumping solution and facility for the application. Our engineers look for ways to improve efficiency, save energy, and improve operations efficiency through appropriate pump selection and upgrades, automating controls based on flow, pressure, and level.

Pumping Solutions

  • Constant speed and variable speed drive controls
  • Flow metering
  • Instrumentation and control SCADA for pump monitoring and control
  • Pump station configuration selection (horizontal or vertical centrifugal pumps, wet or dry well vertical turbine pumps, and dry and wet pit submersible)
  • Screening systems 
  • Standby power generating facilities
  • Surge control
  • Temporary and auxiliary pumping systems
  • Wastewater odor control facilities.

Pumping Services

Featured Services

  • Construction management
  • Construction services
  • Construction staging, maintenance of facilities operations, or "pump around" plans
  • Energy efficiency evaluation
  • Instrumentation and telemetry design
  • Permitting
  • Planning
  • Power system design
  • Pump maintenance plans
  • Project management
  • Pump station design and upgrades
  • Pump station elimination feasibility
  • Security and safety services
  • SCADA programming
  • System hydraulic modeling
  • Value engineering
  • Ventilation and odor control.

Specialized Services

Energy Efficiency & Conservation
All too often pumps are over-designed for their application and operate inefficiently. We test and assess flow and pumping durations, efficiency and power consumption, and review pumping alternatives to satisfy the range of flow requirements. Our engineers work with this data and our clients to develop operational improvement programs to save energy and operating cost.

Instrumentation and Controls
We are a leader in the application of modern instrumentation and control systems for pump stations. These systems include SCADA systems, programmable logic control (PLC) systems, all types of field instrumentation (ultrasonic, bubbler, and radar), operator interfaces, such as man-made machine interfaces (MMI), telemetry links, and data communications, in support of totally integrated designs. Read more about Technology/Communications.

Construction Services
From pre-design through design, construction, and post-construction, we’ve provided construction services for approximately 100 pump stations and many thousands of miles of conveyance systems. Our construction management services are tailored to the specific needs, size, and complexity of each individual project. Read more about Construction Management

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