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Drinking Water

In today’s evolving regulatory and economic environment, we focus on water supply reliability, providing maximum drinking water protection at the best value. We work with municipal, private utility, and industrial water system owners to understand your supply, treatment, conveyance, and storage challenges. We leverage decades of leadership in water engineering, practical design, operations, and alternative delivery to select your best solution – integrating technology, economics, sustainability, and compliance.

Our Experience

Integrated Water Solutions
We deliver integrated solutions, tailor-made to address your specific water quality challenges and conveyance requirements. We’ve investigated, tested, planned, designed, and constructed water treatment plants, intakes, pump stations, countless miles of water mains, and storage facilities. We design and implement treatment systems for raw water sources, including river, lake, and reservoir surface waters and fresh and brackish groundwaters. With complete in-house capability, we lead and support the full spectrum of project requirements, from multi-disciplinary planning and design to permitting, financing, and construction management.

Leading Industry Innovation 
From innovative abbreviated treatment processes to advanced filtration and disinfection, we’re leaders in testing and implementing new technologies that provide value and repeatedly stand the test of time. Our water professionals share innovations and best practices through local and national industry associations, serving as officers, directors, trustees and committee chairs. From concept through operations, we innovate project delivery.

Compliance & Sustainability
With established relationships with regulatory agencies, we fully consider existing and proposed Safe Drinking Water Act regulations in water quality and treatment evaluations and design. We promote sustainability in our communities by developing a life cycle assessment and triple bottom line approach to new facilities and rehabilitations.

Drinking Water Solutions