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  • Spatially enabled applications empower insurance organizations. - Gannett Fleming

    Our applications enable users to view their portfolio in relationship to weather information in a near real-time state. Insurance professionals can better understand how a weather or manmade event affects their portfolio.
  • Our applications help insurance professionals better understand weather. - Gannett Fleming

    By aggregating data to a known feature and displaying policy locations, insurance and financial institutions have a clear view of portfolio distribution and associated risks.

We tackle financial industry issues related to portfolio management, risk assessment, and predictive analytics. Through spatially enabled applications, we empower insurance organizations with performance optimization from the office to the field. Our multi-disciplinary teams help insurance companies reduce risk, enhance customer service, and keep customer premiums low.

Our Experience

A one-stop shop, Gannett Fleming provides insurance and financial institutions with application development, environmental management, and litigation consulting services. Our geospatial information technology (IT) division and an Esri® gold-level business partner, GeoDecisions assists insurance organizations with catastrophe analysis, exposure modeling, and claims management. 

Our integrated IT solutions allow insurers to track events, such as inclement weather and other natural disasters, so they can better serve their clients in need. We work with our partners to more efficiently manage their portfolios by providing systems that aggregate exposure and value; identify zip codes and county boundaries; and pinpoint policies including average annual loss, total insured value, type of asset, and line of business.

Thanks to our GIS and analytics, insurance companies can use a map-based interface to see their up-to-date portfolios and the location of pending weather systems. This server-based solution helps them forecast the impact on their company's portfolio and gain a competitive advantage.

Our environmental management banking solutions include assessments, investigations, cost and risk evaluations, and property-focused remedial action. For one major insurance company we provided environmental claims review involving 12 Superfund and hazardous waste sites.

Insurance/Financial Solutions

  • Alerting and notifications 
  • Asset management, tracking, visualization, and data collection
  • Claims management and insight 
  • Engineering cost and environmental liability evaluations
  • Environmental services and support
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Portfolio management.

Problem solvers by nature, we build trust and establish long-term business relationships in the insurance and financial industries.

Insurance/Financial Services

Featured Services

  • Engineering cost analysis
  • Environmental assessments and audits
  • Environmental claims review
  • Environmental economics
  • General GIS consulting
  • Groundwater investigations and monitoring
  • Hazardous waste, solid waste, and hazardous materials management
  • Health and safety services
  • Litigation support and expert testimony
  • Materials management
  • Near real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Needs assessments and strategic direction
  • Remedial design and implementation
  • Risk assessments (ecological and human health)
  • Site investigation and remedial programs
  • Software and application development and support.

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