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Transit & Rail Systems

Successful transit and rail systems integrate well within their environments, run safely and efficiently, and make good use of public funds. Whether implementing a new system or expanding an existing one, our professionals work to meet these demands within budgetary and schedule constraints. As professionals with experience working for railroads, transit authorities, and industry vendors, safety and quality are just as important to us.  We work under the ISO Certified Quality Management System at every step, while our robust safety program addresses client and industry requirements at all stages of project development.

Our Experience

With 50 years of successful project experience serving private and public clients, we’re leaders in delivering innovative solutions incorporating catenary, traction power, signaling and train control, communication, track, and rail operations. Our professionals understand vendor systems, how they work together, and excel at integrating components into broad operational systems. We’re experienced in operating and maintaining systems, construction materials and techniques, maintenance and rehabilitation procedures, as well as testing, commissioning, and acceptance procedures.

Transit & Rail Systems Solutions

  • Catenary
  • Communication
  • Operations Simulation
  • Signaling & Train Control
  • Sustainability
  • Track
  • Traction Power.

Drawing on experience working for railroads, transit authorities, and industry vendors, our staff of designers, engineers, and planners continuously adds new and vital technologies to solve practical problems in system design, installation, operations, and maintenance.