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Transit System Development

New regulations, changing ridership, increased demands for goods transport, and new IT innovations are challenging the transit and rail industry to renew aging infrastructure and advance new systems. Alternative project delivery and innovative financing are changing the way projects are delivered.  We work with operators and system owners to develop passenger transit systems that achieve increased efficiency, mobility, and connectivity. And, we design to assure cost effectiveness, safety, security, and seamless integration into the natural and built environments.

Our Expertise

Transit System Planning
Our team of premier planning, operations, and analysis professionals provides comprehensive planning services for new and expanding light rail, heavy rail, commuter rail, high speed rail, bus rapid transit, automated guideway transit, and freight railroads for mixed traffic environments. 

We partner with you through each step in the development process starting with choosing the right technology solution and location. Using a powerful suite of tools, we provide the data needed to educate local governments and communities on benefits and impacts and demonstrate transit system ridership, benefits, and qualifications needed to meet federal funding requirements. 

Funding & Procurement
Leveraging deep knowledge of the Federal Transit Administration New Starts Program, we help position your project for public and private funding. In addition, we advise you on packaging and structuring new project work and determining the best delivery method.

Transit System Development Solutions

  • Transportation planning
  • Alternatives analysis
  • FTA new starts
  • Asset management (state of good repair)
  • Environmental management systems and compliance/NEPA
  • Ridership studies and forecasting
  • Rail and bus operations planning
  • Capital and operating cost estimates
  • Project funding and grants
  • Procurement planning.

Transit System Development Services

Featured Services

  • Capital and operating cost analysis
  • Concept development and alternative analyses
  • Funding and financing support
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation
  • Operations analyses using Rail Traffic Controller (RTC), RAILSIM, and TAROS
  • Procurement and project delivery planning
  • Ridership forecasting
  • Service planning
  • Stakeholder and community outreach
  • Security and safety services
  • Vehicle storage and maintenance requirements.

Specialized Services

  • Transportation Forecasting

    Transportation Forecasting

    Effective transportation master plans and decision-making for transit improvement projects must be made on accurate forecasting data. We’ve developed and applied models throughout the U.S. for the estimation of future travel demand. Read more about Transportation Planning.
  • Sounds of Transit

    Sounds of Transit

    Noise and its impact is an understandable community fear during a construction project or the development of a new transit system in a community. Through early public early engagement, we can help you demonstrate the sound impact to surrounding areas and mitigate local resistance to your project. Read more about Acoustics.

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