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Airports leverage opportunities to connect workers, suppliers, travelers, and goods to the global marketplace in a 24/7 environment. They drive economies. Our team develops infrastructure and facility solutions that can be built in this active airport environment. We connect planes, trains, buses, and automobiles within the airport locale – finding smarter, faster ways to bring customers to you while creating airport facilities that deliver a positive customer experience.

Our Expertise

Implementing Capital Programs

Airport capital development needs are driven by current and forecasted traffic; use and age of facilities; and changing aircraft technology which requires updating or replacing equipment and infrastructure. 

For more than three decades, we have partnered with our airport clients to perform multimodal ground transportation planning, design, and construction management services; as well as design and construction management of major facilities including automated people movers, terminals, rental car centers, and parking facilities. We enhance what your airport is already doing at every step  by reducing impacts on your landside or airside operations. We know that how to build is as important as what to build. 

Our work on major facility and infrastructure improvements can be experienced at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW), John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), and Miami International Airport (MIA). We know that airports are about moving people and goods safely and efficiently, from the minute they enter the airport environment until they take to the skies and return again.

Team and Project Coordination 

Our professionals merge seamlessly with your management and operations staff. We have proven experience working on major programs involving layers of interacting participants, including aviation authorities, airlines, local government, federal agencies, tenants, planners, designers, citizen oversight committees, and utility companies. We provide the leadership, engineering, and coordination for your success.

Our design of the PHX Sky Train® bridge over Taxiway Romeo at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the only transit bridge in the world to span an active taxiway. 

Airport Solutions for Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Automated people movers
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Intermodal facilities
  • Maintenance facilities
  • On-site and off-site roadways
  • Parking structures
  • Parking studies
  • Perimeter and facility security systems
  • Rental car centers
  • Surface parking
  • Terminals and concourses.

Airport Services

Featured Services

  • Automated people movers , as well as bus and transit systems
  • Custom software design (Asset Manager,  Security Command Center)
  • Circulation studies (passenger circulation studies and  traffic circulation)
  • Construction management, administration, and inspection
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • GIS and asset management
  • Grant applications and grant administration
  • Land use and environmental impact studies
  • Multimodal ground transportation planning and design
  • Noise analysis (integrated noise model)
  • Parking structure design
  • Safety and security systems
  • Site selection studies
  • Structural engineering for airside and landside facilities
  • Structural engineering for bridges, guideways, and automated People Movers
  • Testing and commissioning of facilities
  • Vertical transportation.

Specialized Services

  • Nighttime Construction

    Design and Construction Management of Fixed Facilities

    Multimodal transportation, airport buildings, integration, circulation, and security are all key elements that enhance the overall experience of the airport customer – from airport terminals and parking facilities to rental car centers, transit stations and bus terminals. We focus on the planning, engineering and construction management of large, integrated airport capital programs and projects that create a lasting impression for all travelers. Read more about Transportation Facilities.
  • Taxiway

    Construction Management, Administration, and Inspection

    Even the soundest technical solutions can encounter unforeseen conditions in the field during construction. Our project team works on the ground to resolve unanticipated events quickly and economically, manage security issues, and handle landside and airside communications, all to minimize the impact on airport operations. Read more about Construction Management

  • Escalator

    Vertical Transportation

    Elevators, escalators, and moving walks are among the most visible, highly used assets in airport facilities. We combine expertise in consulting, engineering, and technology to design and manage vertical transportation systems with the excellent performance essential to a building’s image and the perception of customers. Read more about Vertical Transportation.
  • Phoenix SkyHarbor International Airport’s Terminal 3 passenger level – Gannett Fleming

    Business and Technology Solutions

    Strategic asset and infrastructure management allows airports to do more with less. It enables better investment decisions to be made; it aligns decision-makers and stakeholders to seek solutions that result in the best economic, service level, and risk exposure outcomes; and it improves flexibility to respond to changes in the regulatory and commercial environment. Read more about our Business and Technology Solutions.

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