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Facility Operations & Process Design

Efficiency, safety, and managing environmental impacts – especially with water – are top of mind for mine and quarry operators. Cultivating good relationships with the regulatory and surrounding communities is vital. To meet your operational goals, we draw upon our experience in planning and permitting and our ability to solve problems by using technologies in often non-traditional ways. And, we advocate for you by effectively communicating social impacts.

Our Expertise

Full Lifecycle Solutions
We plan, obtain permits, and design and develop open air and enclosed buildings, including processing plants, pads, and storage and office buildings. We bring extensive knowledge of equipment and existing relationships with vendors to ensure proper selection. And, unlike many firms, we do construction and program management to ensure high operational and safety standards.

Advanced Water Management
Water issues are a multibillion-dollar concern for the mining industry. Consistently ranked as an ENR top 20 U.S. water engineering firm, we have expertise in water balance modeling and passive water treatment systems and specialize in flow sheet development.

Social License to Operate
We partner with federal and state regulators and local communities to evaluate social impacts and earn acceptance of mining operations.

Facility Operations & Process Design Solutions

  • Due diligence
  • Equipment selection
  • Flow sheet development
  • Mineral appraisals
  • Open air and enclosed mine site buildings
  • Pit stabilization
  • Tailing dams
  • Water management.

Facility Design Services

Featured Services

Planning & Permitting
  • Environmental health and safety
  • Erosion and sedimentation plans
  • Mine permitting (surface mineral land use plans, stormwater, air, highway occupancy, and consumptive use)
  • Overburden analysis and mitigation plans
  • Presentations for public meetings and hearings
  • Reclamation and revegetation plans
  • Wetland delineation and mitigation plans
  • Zoning and land development plans.
Engineering Design and Construction
  • Acoustic and noise analysis
  • Building information modeling
  • Computer-aided design and drafting
  • Construction management and construction QA/QC
  • Geotechnical design of tailings impoundments, levees, berms, haul roads, and infrastructure foundations
  • GIS
  • Management information systems
  • Permeability management and grouting programs
  • Security and safety services.
Water Management
  • Dewatering plans
  • Groundwater flow modeling
  • Pit planning and repurposing
  • Water balance modeling
  • Water treatment.

Specialized Services

  • Asset Management

    We offer enterprise solutions that present your complete operating picture on a single dashboard so you can make sound decisions regarding asset, workforce, and property management. Read more about Asset Management.
  • Building Information Modeling

    We can apply technologies like building information modeling in nontraditional ways, such as in the modeling of flow sheets, to develop optimal solutions. Read more about Building Information Modeling & Visualization.
  • Intelligrout®

    IntelliGrout® is a comprehensive integration of real-time data collection, display, analyses, and computer control of grouting operations. Read more about IntelliGrout.

  • Passive Wastewater Treatment Systems

    We specialize in designing passive systems for the long-term treatment of water with low acid, pollutant, and suspended particle loads to achieve better water quality at minimal cost. Read more about Wastewater treatment.

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