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Mine owners must plan to close a mine even before it opens. A strategic plan for closure, land reclamation, and ongoing monitoring is critical to managing the expectations of investors, regulatory agencies, and the nearby community. We approach mine closures using sound science and engineering with expertise in water, environmental, and geotechnical services. Our professionals support the entire mine life cycle, from communicating with stakeholders to implementation. 

Our Expertise

Planned Closure
As a best practice, we design for closure beginning in the planning and permitting phase of a project. We set the strategic vision, engage stakeholders, and ensure our strategies mitigate potential risks while meeting social performance and environmental requirements. We then engineer and implement solutions and handle all aspects of construction management.

Mine Reclamation
Our experience in reclamation dates from before regulatory guidelines existed. We have successfully reclaimed both active and abandoned mines, including surface mines and quarries, deep mines, deep mine surface facilities, coal refuse disposal site areas, fly ash disposal, and other associated support facilities.

Water Management
Ongoing water management is an integral part of mine post-closure. We assess, design, monitor, and report to regulatory agencies on the integrity of levees. Our experience includes solutions to manage tailings, mine waste, and the abatement of acid mine drainage through passive or active treatment systems.

Closure Solutions

  • Design of active and abandoned mine reclamation
  • Integration of mining and quarry operations
  • Mine subsidence remediation
  • Reclamation
  • Sustainable planning 
  • Water management. 

Closure Services

Featured Services

Planning & Permitting
  • Environmental permitting
  • Evaluation of existing AMD treatment systems 
  • Regrading and revegetation plans 
  • Watershed assessment and restoration planning. 

  • Acid mine drainage abatement through passive or active treatment systems 
  • Deep mine subsidence assessment and mitigation 
  • Deep mine seals and bore hole seals 
  • Permeation, grouting, and paste applications 
  • Probable hydrologic impact assessments 
  • Slope stabilization and highwall reduction 
  • Stream channel restoration utilizing fluvial geomorphic technologies 
  • Tailings and mine waste management.
  • Brownfield conversion
  • Mine site repurposing
  • Project partnering and agency coordination.

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