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GSA Schedules

Baltimore Employees On Project Site - Gannett Fleming

  • 00CORP - Consolidated schedule offering professional engineering and environmental services 
  • 70 – General purpose commercial IT equipment, software, and services

General Services Administration (GSA) schedules give quick access to consultants pre-qualified by the GSA. We offer a broad range of services under the GSA schedules listed below. Also below, you can find information on specific rules, contracts, and our Federal team members.

GSA Order Information

GSA Sole-Source Orders
You can sole-source a GSA order if it is below the micro-purchase threshold of $10,000, with documentation of the circumstances if it is between $10,000 and the simplified acquisition threshold of $250,000, or with a limited-sources justification if it exceeds the $250,000 threshold.

BPA Agreements and Orders Exceeding the $250,000 Threshold
An order exceeding the $250,000 threshold or a blanket purchase agreement requires that you distribute an RFQ to multiple schedule contractors as practicable, typically through the GSA eBuy system, in order to receive at least three quotes on the RFQ.

Limited-Sources Justification
Any limited-sources justification must be approved by the competition advocate if the value exceeds $700,000 and must be approved by the head of the procuring activity if the value exceeds $13,500,000. Ordering agencies do not have to synopsize orders and BPAs in FedBizOpps unless they use a limited sources justification.

Six Steps to Using Our GSA Schedule

  1. Develop a scope of work and transmit it to your organization's procurement agent. Not sure who to contact? Let us know, and we'll put you in touch with a GSA representative who can help.
  2. The procurement agent prepares a Request for Proposal (RFP) and transmits it to us.
  3. We respond to your RFP with a proposal.
  4. You and the procurement agent review our proposal, and if necessary, clarify or negotiate terms with us.
  5. The procurement agent issues a task order to us.
  6. We complete the task order.

Resource Information


  • Our GSA Contracts Include:

    Contract NumberGS-00F-114CA
    Expires: April 22, 2020
    Catalog/Price List
    Schedule: 00CORP –  Consolidated schedule
    Corporate Contacts: Mark Metil, engineering services, Email Mark; Bill Plumpton, environmental services, Email Bill 

    Contract NumberGS-35F-0276U
    Expires: February 26, 2023
    Catalog/Price List
    Schedule: 70 – General purpose commercial information technology equipment, software, and services
    Corporate Contact: Sonja Schultheis, Email Sonja