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Safe, swift, and economical federal site remediation requires a skilled engineering partner who knows the terrain—both in the field and throughout the regulatory process. We offer ecological engineering solutions that solve water and related land resource problems using a holistic ecosystem approach, founded on technical, scientific, and management expertise.

Our Experience

Our success relies on providing best-value technical services, controlling costs, meeting schedules, implementing adaptive management quickly and effectively, and diligently tracking task order progress, budget, schedules, and deliverables. We also understand the importance of clearly defined roles and responsibilities and align our teams based on the best interest of the agency, appropriate skill sets and experience, sufficient capacity, and location and knowledge of regional and local conditions.

We have demonstrated this management approach time and time again working with a wide range of federal agencies, including the departments of defense, interior, agriculture, and transportation, as well as independent agencies. With this experience, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of the Federal Acquisition Regulations and developed an extensive network of specialty subcontractors. Whether managing subcontractors or working as one, we apply best policies and procedures to consistently deliver excellence.

GSA Schedules
Gannett Fleming has held a GSA schedule for environmental services continuously since 2000. Under our current schedule, which consolidates environmental and engineering services, we are approved to provide services under Special Item Number (SIN) C899-1 Environmental Consulting Services (NAICS 541620) and C899-8 Remediation and Reclamation Services (NAICS 541620, 541380).

Environmental Solutions

  • Environmental management
  • Geotechnical and earth sciences
  • Site evaluations and remediation.

We’ve conducted thousands of federal site assessments and successful contaminated site remediation, including work at numerous Superfund sites.

Environmental Services

Federal Environmental Services

  • Air quality analysis
  • Asbestos containing material inspections and management plans
  • Categorical exclusion decision documents
  • Endangered and threatened species surveys
  • Environmental assessments
  • Environmental compliance auditing
  • Environmental impact statements
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental metrics database evaluations
  • Facility response plans (FRPs)
  • Forest delineation
  • Habitat and stream surveys
  • Invasive species surveys
  • Lead-based paint inspections and abatement design
  • Performance-based remediation
  • Site remediation
  • Spill prevention, control, and countermeasures plans (SPCCs)
  • Stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs)
  • Stream restoration design
  • Stream surveys
  • Systems and database
  • US DOT Act 1966 section 4(F) evaluations
  • UST inspections
  • Waste reduction programs
  • Wetlands delineation and mitigation design.

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