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Maintenance-IQ Geospatial Solution

GIS application enables PennDOT to support more than 225 million miles traveled every day in Pennsylvania.
  • Maintenance IQ - Gannett Fleming

    Maintenance-IQ data sharing enables PennDOT field and office staff to finish tasks faster than ever.

  • Training helped DOT staff use the new application - Gannett Fleming

    Application training empowered PennDOT's entire maintenance community.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)


Our Role
Planning, Design, Development, Implementation, Maintenance, Training.

Enhancements in progress
  • Integrate, analyze, and visualize data from multiple sources in central GIS repository
  • Process project data and compare to asset and condition information
  • Eliminate out-of-sequence rework and keep assignments on-cycle.
With a $1.3 billion annual maintenance budget to support and enhance the nation’s fifth largest state-maintained roadway network, PennDOT turned to GIS. Maintenance-IQ is a GIS application revolutionizing how PennDOT plans and schedules road maintenance activities throughout the Keystone State. 

Maintenance-IQ places the power of GIS in the hands of PennDOT crews, empowering them to perform GIS tasks themselves without needing assistance from a GIS Analyst. Now, tasks that once required weeks to complete are accomplished in minutes. PennDOT crews can access the intranet-based application to quickly create, load, share, clip, print, or validate current data. They can load existing maps or generate custom ones from an intuitive, self-service, and menu-driven toolset.

The application helps eliminate rework, keeps assignments – such as road surface improvements – on-cycle, and enables PennDOT to deliver data and maps faster to management, legislators and outside stakeholders. Dynamic and flexible by design, Maintenance-IQ is based on the Esri® technology platform and is configurable for future PennDOT enterprise GIS enhancements.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming’s geospatial technology experts developed Maintenance-IQ to empower PennDOT’s entire statewide maintenance community with GIS functionality that will optimize their job performance. Easy to use plug-ins enable application users to drag and drop location-based spreadsheets and information, while simultaneously displaying Videolog technology or other electronic documents related to a project. The team also created common core components called “PennBOTs,” which are plug-and-play widgets that make it easy for any PennDOT group to utilize the GIS functionality, and reduce the need for future re-coding.

Maintenance-IQ enables users to request any dataset, filter, display, and share information. Users can create custom views and maps drawn from a central database of information, from environmental and highway and bridge inventory data to information on planned projects. Data can be rapidly displayed, shared, and edited for others using the PennDOT extract, load, and translate (PETL) plug-in.

To ensure PennDOT’s statewide maintenance community was well equipped to use Maintenance-IQ, GeoDecisions conducted 11 weeks of application training spanning 36 sessions across the Commonwealth.

Key Features

  • Improve planning  and regional coordination
  • Increase operational efficiency 
  • Analyze maintenance needs 
  • Conduct cycle maintenance 
  • Visualize planned vs. completed maintenance 
  • Enhance knowledge management 
  • Perform data validation and quality assurance 
  • Manage environmental compliance.

Sustainability Features & Outcomes

  • Quick and easy access to data from PennDOT’s Strategic Environmental Management Program and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection helps users to ensure regulatory compliance 
  • Improved roadway maintenance helps to alleviate traffic congestion, which lowers vehicle carbon emissions, fosters more enjoyable commutes, and improves air quality
  • Smoother highways result in less vehicle wear and tear and safer commutes
  • Use of technology to track and manage maintenance activities reduces paperwork and saves time and money.

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