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Blendville Water Treatment Plant

Blendville provided an industry blueprint for cost-saving water treatment plant design-build collaboration.
  • Blendville Water Treatment Plant – Gannett Fleming

    Blendville’s safer on-site hypochlorite generation eliminates gas chlorine storage and delivery.

Missouri American Water

Reynolds, Inc.

Joplin, Missouri

Our Role
Bidding, Design, Construction Support, Environmental Permitting, Operations and Maintenance Manual.

21.5 mgd water treatment plant
2 years 5 months
  • Blendville plant completed one month ahead of schedule

  • Owner saved money through design-build collaboration

  • Plant kept producing water during catastrophic Spring 2011 Joplin tornado.

When the Show-Me State’s 120-year-old Blendville Water Treatment Plant (WTP) needed an upgrade to handle increased demands predicted in 2006, Gannett Fleming designed facility upgrades featuring engineering firsts. Expanded from 16 mgd to 21.5 mgd, the modern Blendville WTP includes eco-friendly treatment technologies achieved through a collaborative design-build effort. Our design enhancements included:

• Plate settlers equipped with vacuum-type collectors to remove water settled solids.
• Ultra violet disinfection installed to treat Cryptosporidium and harmful water bacteria
• On-site hypochlorite generation replaced gas chlorine
• A liquid lime system eliminated mineral scale removal and excessive dry lime dust.

Our Blendville WTP process renovations safely and reliably meet the demands of nearly 25,000 customers in and around Joplin, Missouri. The result was a cutting-edge facility completed ahead of schedule with room for future growth.

What We Did

As engineering consultant, Gannett Fleming was responsible for preliminary and final designs including process, civil, architectural, structural, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and stormwater management; hydraulic analyses; permitting; construction support; and start-up commissioning. We designed chemical system and high-service pump replacements; filter valve rehabilitations; operations facility relocations; and a new filtered-water transfer pumping station. Gannett Fleming also replaced WTP electrical service and installed an emergency generator and new supervisory control and data acquisition system. 

Key Features

  • First in Missouri to use ultra violet disinfection at a WTP

  • First successful installation of plate settlers at a Missouri WTP

  • Liquid lime system eliminated extensive maintenance associated with dry lime

  • Uninterrupted water service during construction.

Sustainability Features & Outcomes

  • Safer on-site hypochlorite generation eliminated gas chlorine storage and delivery.

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