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Heavy-Mineral Evaluation

An extensive evaluation confirms the presence of commercial concentrations of heavy minerals.
  • Collection of sediment samples for heavy-mineral analysis-Gannett Fleming

    Collection of sediment samples for heavy-mineral analysis.

Confidential Client

Spring Grove, Virginia

Our Role
Mining Exploration.

2,000 acres
  • Results revealed areas with heavy-mineral concentrations

  • Market analysis provided potential markets available to minerals found.

A confidential client requested an extensive evaluation of approximately 2,000 acres for the presence of commercial concentrations of heavy minerals.

What We Did

Our firm collected samples from existing pits and from holes drilled on the property for heavy-mineral content analysis. The investigation revealed that the land had areas with heavy-mineral concentrations. Ilmenite was discovered as the dominant heavy mineral. Market analysis was completed to determine the market available for this mineral and its potential worth.  

As part of a field reconnaissance of the property, our team observed the infrastructure of the area, as well as factors that might be favorable or unfavorable to mining, such as elevation changes, significant environmental issues, and operational feasibility. In addition to the evaluation and the development of a depositional model, we conducted a preliminary market analysis to determine potential markets that may be available to the minerals within the heavy-mineral suite found in the area of interest.

Key Features

  • Determined the potential sources for heavy minerals

  • Identified possible host environments and sediments

  • Determined potential methods of transporting the heavy minerals from the source area

  • Identified potential concentrating mechanisms

  • Coupled source, host, transportation, and concentration elements with a broader understanding of the geology responsible for other heavy-mineral deposits in this area to develop a hypothetical depositional model.

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