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Marble Deposit Evaluation

Professional experience, skill, training, and industry knowledge determined the value of this massive marble mine.
  • Located 700 feet below the surface, the marble mine extends several hundred feet--Gannett Fleming

    A marble stratum nearly 400 feet thick lays 700 feet below the surface.

Confidential Client

United States

Our Role
Mining, Exploration.

2 years 2 months
  • Determined the value of marble reserves in accordance with Georgia state law

  • As an expert witness, successfully defended the marble valuation in court.

Gannett Fleming provided an independent market value summary of marble and ground calcium carbonate on an in situ per-ton basis for a multinational mining company as part of litigation support services. The marble was located on land jointly owned by the mining company and another party. On the basis of our professional experience, skill, training, and knowledge of the mining industry, our firm’s team determined the value of the marble at the mouth of the mine minus extraction costs and a reasonable profit.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming reviewed available materials, including records reflecting historical production of marble from properties adjacent to or near the project site, a model reflecting the location and amounts of mineral reserves contained at the project site, and other information collected by our firm. In addition, the team performed inspections of the property. Our team included a professional geologist, a mineral processor, and a certified minerals appraiser.

Key Features

  • Evaluation to determine the value of minerals extracted from property owned by tenants in common

  • Independent market value summary of marble, ground calcium carbonate, on a per-ton basis as part of litigation support services

  • Conclusion was a valuation of minerals at the mouth of the mine minus extraction costs and a reasonable profit in accordance with Georgia state law.

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