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Remedial Activities for Manufacturing Facility

Remediating volatile organic compounds and cutting oil in the soil and groundwater at a former manufacturing facility.
  • Sonic drill rig installs groundwater monitoring wells-Gannett Fleming

    Air-injection and soil vapor extraction lines being installed.

  • Air-injection and soil vapor extraction lines being installed-Gannett Fleming

    Sonic drill rig installs groundwater monitoring wells. 

Confidential Client

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Our Role
Investigation, Selection and Design of Remedial Actions, Oversight of Remedial Systems Construction, Operations and Maintenance of Remedial Systems, Monitoring, Reporting.

Industrial facility covering 5 acres
In Progress
In Progress
  • Protection of off-site public and private water supply wells
  • Remediation of on-site groundwater and soils
  • Site suitable for reuse, supporting future economic development.

Groundwater and soil impacts were the focus of an investigation at a former drill-bit manufacturing facility in Crystal Lake, Illinois. The result: wide-spread environmental impacts from the facility’s historical use of tetrachloroethylene (PCE), trichloroethylene (TCE), and cutting oil. In response, Gannett Fleming designed and implemented a range of actions to remediate the soil and groundwater, which include free-product and groundwater recovery wells, air sparging with soil vapor extraction (SVE), in-situ treatment of hot spot areas using reducing and oxidizing agents, as well as soil excavation.

As part of this ongoing $4 million project, Gannett Fleming continues work at the facility, with a goal to prepare the site for regulatory closure and beneficial reuse. Our safe and effective remediation activities include: establishing an area-specific groundwater use restriction so that no drinking water wells could be installed in contaminated areas, excavating and/or conducting in-situ remediation of small areas of residual cutting oil-impacted soil and groundwater, and completing an off-site vapor intrusion investigation to assess the current and potential human exposures to contaminated subsurface vapors containing volatile organic compounds. 

What We Did

Gannett Fleming designed and oversaw the construction and operation of all the remedial systems and conducted the in-situ remediation activities to reduce environmental contaminants and decrease risks to human health or the environment. We also completed all of the routine groundwater monitoring, remedial system monitoring, and operation and maintenance, as well as completed all required reports to the regulatory agency – helping to improve environmental health and establish new growth for the existing infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Installation of four recovery wells to prevent future off-site migration of impacted groundwater
  • Installation of an air sparging and soil vapor extraction system to remediate on-site groundwater in-situ
  • Off-site investigation and sampling of private wells
  • Pneumatic fracturing and injection of reducing agents into the primary source area  under the building
  • Addition of reducing agents into secondary source areas under the building
  • Supplemental in-situ remediation of primary source area soils and groundwater
  • In-situ treatment of soil and groundwater using soil mixing equipment and an oxidant after the manufacturing building was removed to expedite the remediation process and allow for the earlier termination of groundwater pumping and air sparge/SVE operations.

Sustainability Features & Outcomes

  • Remediation efforts prepare 5-acre site for regulatory closure
  • Contributes to smart growth by reclaiming existing infrastructure for economic development
  • Improves water quality and environmental health through remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater.

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