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Addison Airport Tunnel Condition Survey

Inspection of Addison Airport Tunnel’s systems leads to an updated maintenance plan.
  • Engineers inspect Addison Airport Tunnel’s mechanical and electrical systems-Gannett Fleming

    Inspection of tunnel’s mechanical and electrical systems provides basis for maintenance program.

North Texas Tollway Authority

Addison, Texas

Our Role
Tunnel Inspection, Condition Assessment.

1,650-foot-long tunnel
6 months
  • System inspections provide key information for maintenance program
  • Recommendations for preventive maintenance keep tunnel in good working order.

Built as a solution to ease the notorious congestion north of Dallas, the Addison Airport Tunnel enables vehicular traffic to travel under the airport, thereby expanding traffic capacity on the heavily traveled east-west routes between Dallas and Addison. The tunnel was completed in 1999, and at more than 15 years old required maintenance to remain in good working condition.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming performed an inspection of the tunnel’s mechanical, electrical, and structural systems to provide the client with the information necessary to identify potential problem areas and a timeline for conducting critical maintenance. The firm also reviewed the condition of the tunnel-mounted jet fans, drainage system, lighting, security system, walls, and ceilings. A compilation of the inspection findings was submitted to the owner along with recommendations for preventive maintenance and repair, operational testing results, and a review of the facility’s systems for code compliance. 

Gannett Fleming developed the first National Tunnel Management System (TMS) for the Federal Department of Transportation, and felt the client would benefit from using a similar computerized inventory database system. The tunnel’s TMS maintains historical records of element conditions, maintenance activities, repairs, and repair/rehabilitation costs. Gannett Fleming input condition codes and sketches of deficiencies into the TMS, giving the client comprehensive data on which to base their ongoing maintenance plan.

Key Features

  • Inspection identified potential problem areas for maintenance
  • Tunnel management system keeps record of maintenance activities.

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