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Virginia Avenue Tunnel Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Remote monitoring eases noise and vibration impacts on surrounding homes and businesses.
  • Virginia Avenue Tunnel construction noise and vibration levels are monitored-Gannett Fleming

    Noise and vibration levels during construction are monitored for compliance.

  • Virginia Avenue Tunnel construction noise and vibration levels are analyzed-Gannett Fleming

    Noise and vibrations are analyzed to maintain acceptable levels.

CSX Transportation, Inc.

Joint Venture with Clark-Parson

Washington, D.C.

Our Role
Rail Noise and Vibration Analysis and Monitoring.

In Progress
In Progress
  • Rail noise and vibration monitored to ensure federal regulation compliance
  • Noise compliance minimizes potential impacts to area businesses and homes.

The Virginia Avenue Tunnel is a major railroad tunnel in Washington, D.C., that serves freight trains along the eastern seaboard. The 110-year-old tunnel is in the beginning stages of an expansion and modernization project that will improve freight traffic flow and eliminate a bottleneck that impacts commuter and passenger trains in the region.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming is analyzing and monitoring rail noise and vibration throughout construction to ensure that levels do not exceed federal guidelines. The remote monitoring helps to maintain acceptable levels of noise and vibration, providing area businesses and homes with the assurance of minimal impacts.

Key Features

  • Federal noise and vibration guidelines maintained.

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